Why is this game popular again? Why is this game popular again?

After about a year and a half absence, has made a comeback at Elder High School. I have seen many students around Elder playing it nonstop for about a week now. I personally enjoyed the game back in the latter half of my sophomore year, but got pretty bored by it and stopped. Eventually, everyone else got tired of it too and moved on to play other games such as Beach Buggy, Asphalt, and Crossy Road. But now it has returned and with that brings me to my next point, why is this game so sought after again?

Maybe it’s the fun of being able to put any name you want in your bubble, crude or not. Maybe it’s the joy of floating around a screen with your friends, trying to get in first by eating other little bubbles to make yours bigger. Regardless, it’s back again and taking Elder by storm. I tried to play the game again this week, and it was the same as I always remembered it, boring and pointless after 10 minutes of playing. Yeah, I mean it might just be something to do in a repetitive day of school, but with all the other good games out there, I don’t understand why we are playing Agar. Let’s get Run or Hill Climb back going again. Heck, let’s make Madden great again.

A week ago, many students were playing Agar near the end of Mr. Bengal’s Economics Class. It seemed like nearly everyone’s screen had it on, and he was puzzled by why most of the class was playing it. He came back to his desk and asked what the hell that is, and after I told him what it was, he gave a sarcastic response.

“Sounds like fun”.

Another problem with Agar is that some player’s names that they have made have gotten out of hand and seen as offensive and insulting towards some people. There have been times where the names in the bubbles have gone too far past a joke and have actually had people getting upset with each other causing problems.

This week in Journalism class, to Mr. Rogers’ demise, there has been a lot of Agar playing with his students saying it has been towards research for this story. Mr. Rogers’ finally said that he wanted this game to stop, so that we could work on our articles. It seems like many teachers are getting annoyed by this game, the most out of any game played at school, and just want it to go away, even though students can’t stop playing it.

I talked to Danny Vale (aka. Chicken Nugget) who is an avid Agar player, as I see every day during Economics. I asked him what the appeal of this game is and why he enjoys it so much.

“I don’t really know why I like this game. It’s just very addicting and gives you something to do in a long day of classes.”

This game is really dominating at Elder in all grade levels and with one quarter left, teachers are trying to get students to finish strong. It doesn’t look like anyone is going to stop playing Agar anytime soon, however, and I guess people are just going to have to accept that.