Are sanctuary cities good or bad?


Sanctuary cities have been a hot topic in politics. Some people on the right side of politics believe cities should not just get to pick and choose what laws they want to obey. Others on the left side believe that immigrants deserve our protection, and that these people should be allowed to live here legally. “Once you start picking and choosing you will have chaos,” said Mr. Spencer.

These cities are using a failed foreign policy left by a previous administration. These failed foreign policies have left loop holes for cities to work through to become sanctuary cities. “I think sanctuary cities are a symptom of our failed immigration policies… If there is no policy to deal with them, they are going to hide, and some cities are going to protect them because they are providing some service, some benefit to those cities,” said Mr. Gergen.

I think sanctuary cities are a symptom of our failed immigration policies

— Mr. Gergen

Another reason a city would rather just keep the illegals in the city after they have been there for a while is that they have families and jobs. Some of these people are contributing to society by joining the workforce. Some of these people also have children. These children, if they are born in America, are American citizens. That means the children would stay in America if their parent or parents were deported. “In regards to the moral aspect of it, I think it is a positive that those cities are stepping up to protect those people,” said Mr. Gergen

The other side of that argument is that the sanctuary cities are breaking the law by harboring illegal immigrants. “Something like that can’t continue because you are essentially harboring illegal people,” said Mr. Gergen.

They are giving the federal government the proverbial middle finger and daring them to do something about it. “If you decide which laws you will and will

P.G. Sittenfeld

not enforce, you have anarchy… There should be a cost,” said Mr. Spencer

The Trump administration is administering a punishment for sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities will be denied federal grants, and they will have economic sanctions placed upon them. This could greatly effect some cities like Cincinnati who desperately are in need of federal money. Cincinnati is in desperate need of a federal grant to repair the Brent Spence Bridge which has been rated one of the most in need infrastructures in America.

Cincinnati is still a sanctuary city when this article was published. Mayor Cranley, who is a member of the democratic party, has advocated for Cincinnati to be a sanctuary city. This has been to the opposition of Cincinnati city council member P.G. Sittenfeld. Sittenfeld has spoken out vehemently against the idea of Cincinnati being a sanctuary city.

Sanctuary cities will remain a hot topic that divides politicians and all Americans alike. Some people feel we should protect all people while others believe we should obey all laws instead of picking the ones we feel like obeying. We will just have to see how far cities are willing to take this, and if the Trump administration really will punish cities. “If you break the laws, there should be a consequence,” said Mr. Spencer