Best of the Lot: 2017 Edition


For years The Purple Quill has inserted the “Best of the Lot” into our print edition during the spring months. However with technology evolving the way it has, an online version of this article would be much more beneficial.

This year the parking lots of Elder High School have seen a vast majority of different vehicles. We have seen cars like Nick Dirr’s “Shaggin Wagon”, and the loss of Mr. Klusman’s classic mini van. However, the following cars stand out as best of the lot.

Best Car: Nathanael Meyer’s Mustang

For starters, probably the most recognizable car in the parking lot would be Nathanael Meyer’s brand new, blue Mustang. He purchased it with his own money that he had saved up. This car might be the crown jewel of the Elder lot.

Another very nice ride goes to Jack Streicher and his Jeep Sahara. Jeeps have become popular among the Elder students and Jack may have the best Jeep of them all.

Clunker Award: Connor Craig’s Audi

While we have some standout cars, we also have some clunkers. We all know Kyle Service and his car have been through a lot from the cracked windows to the bungee cord holding the trunk closed. However, this award goes to Connor Craig and his Audi. The multi colored hood and bumper is what clinches it. And the car itself sits about six inches off the ground.

Old Reliable: Jack Mazza’s Jeep 

What is there to say here? Jack’s jeep has been through a tough test and the car has proven to be durable and reliable. The off road tests Jack gives his car proves that the jeep can handle anything he throws at it. From the crack in the bumper to the sometime flat tires, this jeep stands tall.

Grandma’s Car: Danny Nieman’s Buick

Danny’s Buick without a doubt is the most “grandma” car in the lot. However, he has added a nice touch with the purple dice hanging from the mirror.

Soccer Mom: The Reiring Vans

It must run in the family, because you can find both Mr. Reirings arriving to school in respectful minivans.

Eco Friendly Award: Mr. Rogers Prius

Can’t go wrong with the Prius here. It’s miles to gallons ratio makes Mr. Rogers a friend of nature.

Get Yourself a Truck Award: Jack Knolle

Knolle’s truck a big and loud. The big tires and nice paint job, make Jack’s truck better then most. It is not the newest in the lot, but it may be the best.

Other cars that have been notified as best of the lot are in the gallery above. Check it out and if you recommend any other cars for best of the lot comment below.