Elder’s favorite fast food restaurant

Elder students and faculty talk about what their favorite fast food restaurants are and what they get there.


Menus of all of the favorite restaurants of Elder students and faculty.

People in today’s world like everything to be fast; especially the ordering and the service of their food. Fast food restaurants are super convenient for anyone looking for a decent meal with a cheap price. There are so many options when it comes to fast food, each having their own variety and type of product in which they make.  I decided to talk to a few students and a faculty member at Elder to find out which fast food restaurants are the most popular.

I had the opportunity to talk with Anthony Spinney, a freshmen here at Elder, on what his favorite fast food restaurant is.

“Burger King is easily my favorite, the price on the food is reasonable and affordable and you get a large portion for a low cost,” stated Spinney.

Spinney went on to tell me that he believes Burger King out matches their competitors due to their low costs and variety of food on their menu. He also said that he believes Burger King is the most convenient fast food restaurant, with good service.

“I go to Burger King probably once every two weeks. My go to meal there has to be a cheese burger with a medium fry and a coke,” said Spinney.

I had the chance to talk with Liam Geiser, a sophomore here at Elder.

“Chick-Fil-A is definitely my favorite fast food restaurant because the employees are respectful to me every time and the food is great,” explained Geiser.

Geiser told me that he goes to Chick-Fil-A once every two weeks and his favorite meal would have to be two 12-piece chicken nugget meals with a large vanilla shake.

“Even though the food is more expensive than other fast food restaurants, it is well worth the price,” stated Geiser.

Brady Sandman, a junior here at Elder, told me that hands down his favorite fast food restaurant has to be McDonald’s.

“It’s nice and cheap, easy on the wallet, and it is a snag,” declared Sandman.

Sandman told me that he goes to McDonald’s about once a week. He also told me that his go to meal without a doubt would be two plain McDoubles with a large fry and a water.

“I like Wendy’s but it is too expensive for me and I think Burger King is a joke, McDonald’s is also more convenient than Wendy’s or Burger King,” declared Sandman.

Paxton Kelley, a senior here at Elder, told me that his top picks are Taco Bell and Wendy’s.

“Taco Bell has great food at an unbeatable price, and Wendy’s has the good taste and a good price as well,” explained Kelley.

Kelley went on to tell me that Wendy’s service is some of the best in the fast food business. He also said that he believes Taco Bells service is very quick and efficient.

“I go to one of these restaurants once every couple of weeks. When I go to Taco Bell I get the loaded potato griller and when I am at Wendy’s I get the triple cheeseburger with a medium fry,” stated Kelley.

I was able to speak with Mr. Quatman, one of our English teachers here at Elder.

“Skyline is hands down my favorite fast food restaurant. Their service is fast and adequate which means you do not have to sit down for long, and I really enjoy the crackers you get with each meal,” explained Quatman.

Quatman told me that he goes to Skyline about once every two weeks and that he gets two chilitos with spaghetti and a water every time. He also told me that he believes chilitos are the only well priced item on the menu and that everything else is overpriced.

“I believe that Gold Star is nonexistent and that there is absolutely no comparison between the two restaurants,” declared Quatman.

It seems there are endless options and that our students and staff all have varying tastes and favorites.

While fast food may not be the healthiest option it is certainly the most convenient and affordable way to get a quick snack or meal on the go.