No surprise here: Asics runs the game


A world renowned shoe has seen a lot of recent interest and has for quite some time.

Asics. One of the simplest and cleanest shoes to ever be introduced to consumers, is still popular to this day. With the release of the iconic Asics Gel Lyte III in 1991, it has proved to be one of the leading shoes in Asics history.

A little bit about how the shoe is designed; it’s quite special. Asics went on their own unique path trying to create a shoe that stands alone from the others in the market. So, that’s what they did. They created many ordinary styles, with all sorts of patterns and designs that one could personally relate to.
But it’s not just any style of shoe. It’s not for one specific purpose, but for many. They were first used for running, as runners wanted to have a more comfortable tongue, therefore introducing the unorthodox idea of the “split tongue”. Until the time, nobody had seen anything as such, and it was something that didn’t catch on quickly. It grew more popular over time.

Fast forward quite a bit to modern day, these shoes are still hot on the market, and even more so at Elder High.

A select few, Lucas Downey, Sam Otten, and myself have a love for the shoes. I’d say each of us have our own sense of style, and for Lucas, all though he looks horrible, got a good snag on a pair of Lyte III’s. I think we can all agree that the odd split tongue is our favorite part of the shoes. Lucas says, “I think they’re dope. Comfy. Fashionable. Cute.” Knowing Lucas, this is a reasonable answer for him, and I’d agree with it.

Different unique aspects were created for the shoe, and in a discussion with Sam while doing a shoe project, he told me what he really liked about the shoe was the roped shoe strings. He liked the design of them, which I was against. I like the idea of it, but they don’t tie as good, and they have too much going on color wise in some cases. But what I find special, is how all of these odd parts, some that may standout too much, but they all come together in unity.

Naturally, prices have risen significantly and so has the attraction towards them. Now that I own three pairs, spending any amount of money on them is well worth it. The comfort the shoe brings is remarkable, and most of the thanks goes to the tongue. They fit more of my style, with the retro look.

They easily offer over 100 different options with this shoe. Each fitting the person’s style, and if you really wanted to, custom design is a thing, but that’s for another article.

These shoes have been quite special for some time, and I see Asics only making progress in every aspect of any shoe from here on out. I’ve been a big fan of them, and will continue to rock their products. 10/10 recommended.