Goalie Vince Sabato stuns OSU Lacrosse Camp

Elder Lacrosse starting goalie Vince Sabato puts on an athletic clinic (to his surprise) at Ohio State summer league.

Vince poses for a picture after his iconic all-star game with Eric Lipps.

Vince poses for a picture after his iconic all-star game with Eric Lipps.

As the summer excitement simmers down, homework and stress begins to pile up again, and the dawning of a new school year seems more real than ever.

However, the events and accomplishments of the summer are still alive in most students’ minds. From afternoon naps to major athletic milestones, the joys of summer to senior Vince Sabato are “immortal” to him.

“The best part of my summer by far is when I pretty much became a legend at a Lacrosse camp at The Ohio State University,” said Vince. Vince is referring to his play in which he hustled from his goal to the other end of the field.

A stunning picture of Vince as he suits up for a rivalry game against Moeller during the season.

In lacrosse language, this type of goal is called a “coast to coast” in which a defensive player, in Vince’s case a goalie, carries the ball from one end of the field all the way to the other resulting in a goal.

“It was easily the most athletic thing I have ever done…period.”

— Vince Sabato

Vince could barely believe he scored admitting that once he shot it he reckoned the crowd was roaring because of an amazing save the other goalie made, but to his surprise the hype was centered on him.

“It was easily the most athletic thing I have ever done…period. That was my athletic peek and, unfortunately, I don’t think I will ever achieve something like that again,” said Sabato.

Apparently his play was so impressive that most of friends did not even believe it happened until he showed them a video. However, the footage was shaky because the crowd was

Team portrait after the last OSU lacrosse camp game.

so rowdy, so he had to scavenge the internet until he found a full tape of the game.

“Yeah, so my friends did not even believe that I scored for a while. When I showed my friend Grace she said, ‘Vince that’s not you. You’re not that fast,’” said Sabato.

Although his friends may have been doubtful, the participants at the camp were not… and neither were the scouts.

A few scouts contacted Vince after the game and mentioned a potential lacrosse scholarship if he can repeat that type of performance.

The energy Vince brought into the school year from this confidence booster as well as the other summer activities is a mindset we should all strive for.