iPhone X: should you buy?


It’s finally official. Whether you were aware of the hype or not, Apple’s most advanced, most expensive iPhone was officially revealed to the world on Tuesday, September 12th.

Why the hype this year? 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ historic unveiling of the original iPhone back in September 2007. Also, the iPhone hasn’t seen such a dramatic change in looks since the 2014 iPhone 6/6+, so Apple finally brought out the big guns this year.

Apple unveiled a new Apple TV and Apple Watch Series 3 as well, but the real story is the three new iPhones for this year: iPhone 8, 8+, and iPhone X. The 8/8+ are direct upgrades to the 7/7+, but all the buzz surrounds the iPhone X, what Apple CEO Tim Cook says “really is the future.”

Source: Apple

The “iPhone Ten” features a glass and stainless steel design with a huge 5.8″ screen that covers nearly the entire front face of the phone. Yes, that means the home button is no more; however, Apple has created gestures making up for it: swiping up for home and recent apps, and holding the power button for Siri among others.

Also, the fingerprint sensor has been replaced by “Face ID.” This uses cameras on the front of the phone to recognize your face allowing you to unlock the phone, and, yes, you can now pay for things using only your face through Apple Pay. These cameras also allow for live emojis sent through iMessage that match your facial expression and movements called “Animojis.”

Nearly every other aspect of the phone is upgraded as well: it’s much faster than previous models, the cameras are much better, the speakers are louder, it charges faster and includes wireless charging, and more.

Sounds great, right? Here’s the catch: the iPhone X starts at a hefty $999 (closer to $1,050 after taxes) straight up before any incentives. Now, even if you like having the latest and greatest, that’s a lot of dough for a phone. Selling/trading in your old phone is a good way to mitigate the cost, but still, think what else you can buy with a thousand dollars.

There is time to make a decision though. The phone won’t be released until November 4th with pre-orders beginning October 27th. The iPhone 8/8+ are released next Friday, however, starting at $699 for the 8.

I asked a bunch of Elder students if they planned to buy the iPhone X knowing how expensive it was. Senior Jack Hammersmith said, “Oh my God, hell no. I though about it for a bit, but then I realized I don’t have a thousand dollars.” Other responses I got included “Why would you ever do that” and “pffft.”

Senior Austin Wagner is looking to get a new phone, so I asked him about his thoughts on the new iPhones. He mentioned interest in the 8 but wasn’t even considering the X. After I mentioned the price of the X he said. “I wouldn’t pay that price for an actual computer, let alone a phone…it’s ridiculously overpriced, but people will still buy it.”

Austin went on to say he plans to buy the previous generation iPhone 7 because it’s much cheaper and not much different from the newer models. The iPhone 7 now starts at $549 new; because of the newly announced phones, however, many people will be selling them like new at much lower prices.

Source: TechJuice

So, is the iPhone X worth it? If you’re a huge tech person that absolutely has to have the latest and greatest, then go for it; you’ll probably be happy with it as long as you don’t drop it. If you still want the newest iPhone, however, but think the X is ridiculous, go for the iPhone 8 or 8+. If you’re not really into phones and not looking to spend as much, buying a like-new iPhone 7 is a smart, much more affordable option at around $450.

Before you break your wallet though, keep in mind none of Apple’s new devices are released yet, so nobody has had time to review how they hold up in the real world. Whatever you choose, just know you are witnessing history. Indeed, the world is watching to see if Tim Cook’s 2017 iPhone X will truly define the next decade of smartphones just as Steve Jobs’ 2007 original iPhone did.