What is your favorite faculty member doing for Halloween?


The meaning of Halloween has changed since its medieval days, but there is no doubt it is one of the most popular holidays every year. Some people love dressing up while others hope the kids have paper bags, so they can put ice cubes in them and have the candy fall through. But here is what we found out some of your favorite Elder faculty members do for Halloween.

Mr. Kreimer- Normally hands out quarters instead of money because “you can always use the extra quarters.”

Mr.  Pope- He’ll be at dad’s club Halloween night. After dad’s club, “I’m showering and going to bed.”

Mrs. James- Passing out candy. She will not be dressing up.

Mr. William Driehaus- He will be handing out candy. He may take his granddaughter out trick or treating while he is dressed as Frankenstein.

Mr. Groszek- Nothing

Mr. Oberjohann- He is going to hang out with his neighbors in his neighborhood. He is going to pass out candy and take his kids around. He does not know if he is going to dress up this year, but he has dressed up as Fred from Scooby-Doo in the past.

Mr. Ramsey- He’ll be at Dad’s club with Mr. Pope and the rest of the football coaches.

Mr. Spencer- “I hope I don’t have to do anything.” He may hand out candy.

Mr. Gergen- Mr. Gergen will be doing the same thing as Mr. Groszek: nothing

Mr. Bengel- He is going to go to a family member’s house. He has dressed up as an inflatable bull in the past, but he is going to change it up this year.

Mr. Nie- He is going to pass out candy. He is not going to dress up. He is going to be giving out dum dums. His favorite candies to buy for himself and eat are Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. He will also accept any you want to give him.

Mr. Schoenfeld- He is going pass out candy and walk around with one of his kids. He hasn’t dressed up in a few years, but he used to dress up as the bear in the big blue house.

Mr. Roush- He is going to walk around with his son. “I am going to steal his peanut butter cups… He doesn’t need that much candy.”

Pullquote Photo

I am going to steal his peanut butter cups… He doesn’t need that much candy.

— Mr. Rausch

Mr. Fuell- He is going to dress up as an Elder faculty member. He is going to pass out candy with his neighbors.

Mrs. Hirth- She lives by Mrs. Timon and Dr. Tucker. She is going to go to a neighborhood party with them.

Dr. Tucker- He will not be dressing up. He is going to party with Mrs. Hirth, Mrs. Timon, and the other neighbors.

Mr. Flaherty- He typically does not dress up. He may dress up if he goes to a Halloween party, and he likes to change it up every year. Recently he has been Macho Man and a 70’s Woodstock guy.

Every Elder faculty member does a little something different for Halloween. Most people agree that free candy never gets old, so I know what I’ll be doing on Halloween.