How the flat screens are updated


This is yet another article assignment that I have taken down from Mr. Rogers’ assignment board.

The topic is about the content that the students will see displayed on the TV screens located in the cafeteria. In order to write about this assignment, I have decided to interview Mr. Fuell, Elder’s Director of Technology, a man so dedicated to his job that he gets to school at around 4:30-5:30 on most days. This article will compose of the questions that I asked followed by his responses.

Q: How is content added to the cafeteria screens?

A: Each flat screen has a BrightSign digital signage media player. This media player is accessed over the school network, through a program call BrightAuthor. These devices have a powerful H.265 4K and Full HD video engine with 4K upscaling and dual decoding of one 4K and one Full HD video simultaneously, and delivers a great HTML5 rendering performance.

 Q: What criteria does the content have to fit in order to get displayed?

A: There are multiple content formats, with MP4 and JPEG being used the most. Upon receiving content, it is modified as needed before publishing.

 Q: How do you decide what material gets displayed?

A: Two flat screens are reserved for displaying the daily, weekly, and monthly café menu. When shadows visit Elder High School, their names and grade school name are displayed on one café screen and the main lobby screen. Other content is continually displayed with current Elder items and news.

Q: Where do you get all your information from?

A: Elder faculty/staff will submit multiple content to be displayed. A few of us that managed these display screens, also continue to display current content, like Elder sports and other student events.

Q: Do any students help you with this process?

A: Mr. Rogers’ students will sometimes work on different projects that are displayed. An example would be the Blackout T-Shirts for the Moeller football game. Yes, that game that we tripled our opponents score, CRUSHER! It would be great to receive continuous content from students. For anyone interested, they would just need to see Mr. Rogers or myself (Mr. Fuell). We can offer the format criteria, which I recommend ahead of time.