Trick or Treat ?

What Do Panthers do on Halloween?


Fall is here, and the leaves are changing. That only means one thing; candy is all over the grocery store. The question is, do high school students still trick-or-treat?

Even with a love for candy, most high school students still don’t trick-or-treat, unless putting a mask on and going to the local Chipotle to get a “boorito” qualifies as trick-or-treating.

“I do not really trick-or-treat in the traditional sense,” said senior Frank Telles. “I do put on a cheap mask and go to all the local Chipotles.”  \

Most Elder men have a love for Chipotle and take advantage of the discount price for coming in costume even if they have to wait in long lines.

While most Panthers end up eating all of their Halloween candy that’s supposed to be given away before Halloween night, there are a few who still enjoy the satisfaction of giving candy to trick-or-treaters.

“I always get dressed up and sit out by a fire with my family on Halloween,” senior Billy Angel said. “I enjoy the satisfaction I get when I hand out pieces of candy to all the little kids in the neighborhood.”

But junior Drew Kahny had a different take on the autumn holiday.

“I’ve never liked Halloween, it’s just not my thing,” said Kahny. “Having diabetes I was never able to even eat all my candy so there wasn’t really any point in trick-or-treating anyway. I do enjoy the Chipotle deals though, and I qualify that as trick-or-treating.”

So while most Elder students do not trick-or-treat in the traditional sense, by going door to door and asking for candy, they do still trick-or-treat to their local Chipotle but ask for a burrito instead.

You are really never too old to trick-or-treat, even if you aren’t as excited as you once were as a little kid.

Some kids don’t even go out on Halloween.

“I don’t do anything on Halloween, I don’t like eating chipotle, and I don’t hand out candy,” said senior J.T Williams. “I do enjoy sitting at home and watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin on TV.”

Many people have their holiday traditions whether it’s staying inside and watching TV, or handing out candy with their family. It seems everyone gets into the Halloween spirit, just some more than others.