Holiday classics to kick-start December

Christmas movies perfect for setting the tone for a successful Holiday season


Christmas season is officially in full swing. The delights and gifts of Thanksgiving have come and gone leaving us in the midst of early December, and the signs of the Christmas times are everywhere. The lights are strung up, the trees are decorated, and ABC’s “25 days of Christmas” is in rotation.

For those reading not fortunate enough to know what ABC Family’s annual “25 days of Christmas” is, it is most simply the channel’s tradition of playing iconic Christmas movies every day in December up to Christmas day itself.

However, Holiday flicks in and of themselves have become an integral aspect to our modern culture. For true Christmas connoisseurs these movies are accompanied with a deeper sense of nostalgia and emotion than simply the production’s run time on ABC Family.

Therefore, here is a list of the best Christmas movies to indulge in if you are looking to start this Holiday season out strong.

Home Alone & Home Alone 2

Kevin end up in a sticky situation with the “wet bandits”

These two heartwarming films can easily be paired with one-another due to the striking similarities and success of them both. The Home Alone movies make the list with ease because of their brilliant combination of humor and feel-good vibes felt after the movies.

The two clumsy antagonists, the “wet bandits”, counter Kevin McCalister’s shrewd mindfulness perfectly while also providing a sentimental sub plot in both movies between Kevin and a character sad and alone during the hectic Christmas season.

Overall, the Home Alone movies are always a go-to and should never be left out when considering which Christmas movie to watch.



Buddy the Elf sings his “I love you song” to his dad played by James Caan

While Elf is traditionally viewed as a movie to only watch around Christmas, this is a movie I could watch any day of the year.  Elf  is a movie that I can honestly say is great because it is hilarious, not just because it is a “nostalgic Christmas movie.”

While it does have a sense of nostalgia for me, it is hard for anyone to resist laughing at Will Ferrell bouncing around New York, break dancing in a mail room, and singing to James Caan in a full sized green Elf outfit.

Thus, Elf  is an extremely entertaining seasonal movie to kick off December.

The Polar Express

The famous hot chocolate song/scene in Polar express

Unlike Elf, The Polar Express does not necessarily revolve around comedic genius, rather it is just a classic Christmas tale almost everyone is familiar with.

The youthful magical feel that thrives in childhood is always brought to the surface after watching The Polar Express. The need to relax and sip on a cup of hot chocolate is stimulated through this childhood Christmas trademark movie, thus making it a perfect Holiday special.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Mr. Griswold and the Misses observe the unexpected happy ending to their Christmas Eve

Christmas Vacation follows the chaotic traditions of the Griswold family throughout the Holidays. Things go from bad to worse throughout the week leading up to Christmas Eve. From fully uprooting Christmas trees to radioactive explosions, Christmas Vacation never has a dull moment.  

In my opinion, this amusing Holiday special is Chevy Chase’s best performance in any movie, even surpassing Caddyshack. The cast fit perfectly in every role leaving Christmas Vacation as a great Holiday movie, and my personal favorite.

A Christmas Carol (1984)

Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas present reflect upon his life

While Christmas Vacation may remain as my personal favorite, there is no question A Christmas Carol is the most classic Christmas tale of all time.

For those who need a refresher A Christmas Carol is the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge and his reflective journey from a stingy pessimist to a generous delightful man through the haunting of three ghosts on Christmas Eve night.

This classic Christmas film is one that never fails to lighten the mood, especially during the cold month of December.

A Christmas Story

Last, but finally not least, we have A Christmas Story. This feature film has a deep connection with almost any viewer because of the main plot. Everyone has had that one present he or she would do anything to acquire, but gets depressingly shut down by mom.

“You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”

“You’ll shoot your eye out” is the common defense the adults use against Ralphy in his pursuit for the Red Rider BB Gun throughout the movie. Other iconic scenes include the “major award leg lamp”, the “triple dog dare” tongue on frozen pole, and “Aunt Clara’s” pink bunny suit Ralphy is forced to try on.

A Christmas Story earns a top spot on the Christmas movie spectrum because of its unforgettable scenes and ultimate relatability.

This list does not comprise every memorable Christmas movie. However, in a sense of narrowing the grid, these are the best films to throw you in the Christmas spirit.