Which Super Bowl commercial was the best?


Every year companies spend millions of dollars to advertise their product during the Super Bowl. Consequently, these ads tend to be humorous and quite entertaining to watch to grab the viewers attention.

This year there were many comical commercials and I have highlighted a few.

David Harbour starred in this year’s Tide ads which started off as another company’s ad but then transformed into a Tide ad.


The Tide commercials grabbed lots of its attention through trickery. Tide used David Harbour from the Netflix series Stranger Things to grab the attention of the audience and then introduced the comedy into the spots.

The commercials started off as other brands’ commercials and then were jokingly transformed into a Tide commercial. Tide poked fun at both Old Spice and Mr. Clean by using Old Spice’s traditional chime and even used the animated version of Mr. Clean.

The Bud Knight came to save the day for the people in battle while the people chanted, “Dilly Dilly!”

Senior Brandon Schultz noted that Tide’s commercials were his favorite because of the deception and the fact that they took shots at other companies. Personally, I think the commercials were the best but your opinion may change when you watch some of the other great ads.

Bud Light 

The Bud Light commercial was again another classic. This year’s commercial was a continued storyline from other commercials they have shown on other games.

This commercial featured The Bud Knight. The Bud Knight came to save the Bud Light people while they chanted Bud Light’s famous saying, “Dilly Dilly!”

This commercial was an instant classic and was one to remember for years to come.

Lord of the Rings Star Peter Dinklage caught the viewers attention when he perfectly lip synced Busta Rhymes famous verse from the song “Look at Me Now.”


This year’s Doritos commercial was again a good one. This year Doritos used Busta Rhymes famous verse in the song “Look At Me Now” and then was lip synced by Lord of the Rings star Peter Dinklage.

Doritos’ commercial was also linked with Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl ad which I will review next. The two brands are owned by the same company so they worked together to make back-to-back commercials

In my opinion the commercial was entertaining but it was not my favorite just because there were so many good commercials this year.

Morgan Freeman starred in Mountain Dew’s commercial while lip syncing Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On”


Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew’s commercial was again a big hit. In this year’s commercial Morgan Freeman played the main actor while lip syncing to Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On.”

The commercial was only 30 seconds long but caught your attention through the high pitched voiced coming from what it seems like Morgan Freeman. This commercial occured right after the Doritos Blaze commercial to keep you watching.

I think this commercial was good but like Doritos it was not my favorite just because of the selection of great commercials.

Amazon’s commercial starred many actors such as Gordon Ramsey (above), Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and Anthony Hopkins to take over for Alexa after she lost her voice.


This year Amazon stepped up their game and put together a group of commercials starring Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and Anthony Hopkins. Amazon’s commercial was centered around Alexa losing her voice. This causes other celebrities to answer questions that people would normally be asking Alexa.

These commercials include Gordon Ramsey berating a man making grilled cheese, Cardi B singing her hit song “Bodak Yellow” and Rebel Wilson setting the mood for a house party.

In my opinion I thought the commericals were funny. I spoke to junior Michael Frogge about his thoughts and he said, “I like the commercial because I love when Gordon Ramsey yells at a cook, especially grilled cheese, it’s just comedy.”

So whether you watch the actual Super Bowl or just the commercials you have to agrue that this year’s commercials were very good and entertaining.