Exploring Ben Johnson’s shoe collection


For those of you who don’t know Ben Johnson a.k.a. “Eugene”, has a immense shoe collection. His collection consists of twelve pairs of shoes ranging in price from $60 – $415.

Eugene stumbled upon his new hobby while looking for new shoes for work. He was searching for some good looking shoes and the Adidas Yeezys caught his attention immediately. He couldn’ t afford the Yeezys then but they sparked his interest thus creating a Yeezy fanatic.

Eugene has been collecting shoes for close to a year now and just was able to save up for his two most expensive pairs of shoes, his Yeezys. The Yeezys are Eugene’s most prized possession and are the most expensive shoes in his coveted collection. Eugene has spent a total of $821 just on his two pairs of Yeezys.

Yeezys are shoes designed by Kanye West which is why the shoes are so special.  In nine years Kanye has designed rougly 26 pairs of Yeezys and they can cost up to $1000 a pair.

Ben has a total of twelve pairs of shoes including 2 pairs of authentic Yeezys.

Eugene told me he doesn’t regret his purchase because he truly loves his Yeezys. I don’t blame him because they do indeed look great. Ben also told me that he is cautious when he has them on because if something were to happen to his Yeezys he would be very upset.

Eugene did admit he hasn’t worn a couple of the shoes in his collection. “Some of the shoes I have I don’t wear but if I could find a buyer for the shoes I don’t wear I could save up for another pair of Yeezys.”

Eugene’s magnificent 12-pair shoe collection adds up to roughly $2291. Most people would call him crazy but Eugene said, “I’ve found my new favorite hobby and this gives me something to do rather than play Xbox all the time.”

Eugene explained to me that although he spends a lot of his money on shoes it has helped him learn to budget better. Eugene spent time over the summer working at the Fan Shop right outside Great American Ballpark. This is where Eugene was able to save up for his plethora of shoes he has purchased.

I talked to some people who know about Eugene’s collection and if they thought is it really worth putting down more than $2000 on just shoes.

Jacob Macaluso said, “Yeah, totally. It would be awesome to have a collection like that.” Hayden Batchelor however said, ” The shoes are ugly and I think that they are a waste of money.” Batch also admitted that as a joke he scuffed Eugene’s beloved Yeezys. Eric Lipps took a philosophical view and commented, “There are kids in Africa who are running around barefoot and he is standing in shoes that cost hundreds of dollars. He pays way to much for his shoes plain and simple.”

These black and white zebra Yeezy’s are next on the list for Ben Johnson’s next purchase. (Source: StockX)

Eugene does plan on increasing his collection in the near future. Eugene has his eyes on yet another pair of authetic Yeezys. This particular pair is a little bit more valuable and is listed at $570.

So, whether you admire Eugene’s lavish collection of shoes or you think he has wasted over $2000 you have to admit he has quite the collection.