Oh, to the gyms you’ll go

A overview of the most popular gyms populated by Elder lifters.

Oh, to the gyms youll go

As you all know, Elder is a lifting house. In a previous article, I talked about some of Elder’s strongest men. In the article, the boys discussed some of the different places they lifted. Elder lifts in many gyms near and far. The West side has many outstanding and not outstanding places to get a pump on.

By far one of the most popular “gyms” Elder goes to is Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness is located right off Glenway. You can’t miss it. I did not want to include this place on here because Planet Fitness itself claims it is not a gym. It’s mostly full of full time moms trying to stay in shape. Plus, their dumbbell weights only go up to 70 lbs.

FX Fitness is also located right off Glenway. FX offers many features including an indoor track and a sauna. This place seems pretty swell on the outside, but is rumored to be “dirty.” Sources said that the clientele can also be questionable. Nonetheless, I have heard good reviews about this place as well. As I said previously it has many features, which some of the students here at Elder enjoy.

Next we have Aspire Fitness. Aspire Fitness is growing in popularity among the Panthers. It’s in a prime location as well, right in the heart of Delhi. Aspire is my personal muscle temple, and I can honestly say it’s not bad, but it’s not great. They have everything you want, but not a lot of everything you want. They have one set of dumbbells that goes up to 100 lbs. and are even adding additional features including a basketball court, a turf field and a massage parlor. The new construction has been going on for a little under six months.

Another Elder favorite is Gymbo’s. After LA Fitness closed, many Panthers fled to Gymbo’s. Gymbo’s is for serious lifters only. Some of Elder’s strongest men lift there. If you don’t mind lifting with almost professional body builders, then this place is for you. It is located on Harrison Ave. Their plates go up to 55lbs and is the exact opposite of Planet Fitness.

Snap Fitness is another gym that has been fairly popular here at Elder. It is located in Dent and proves to be a convenient location for many Elder students. It is very clean and always looks nice. The only problem here is it contains a lot of machines, which may actually make it more appealing to some. It’s an all-around classic gym and definitely deserves a look.

And last but not least, your very own state of the art Elder weight room. The Elder weight room can be enjoyable, but it is packed way too often. There are sometimes 80 kids in there at once and it is impossible to get a decent lift in. However, the new proposed fitness center will be something to look out for. With two levels, the weight room will be bigger, badder, and better. I am for sure coming back to Elder to lift once that gym is put in. We’ve waited too long.