Actors who are not good

In my opinion, these actors have lost their mojo in the film industry.

Actors who are not good anymore

Actors who are not good anymore

Movies tell great stories that mean a lot to so many people. We all enjoy watching movies with our favorite actors in them but there are some actors who are not good or just have lost their mojo. I want to take a look into some of these actors who I find to be really bad at acting.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith appeared in many movies when he was a young kid. Some of those movies include Pursuit of Happiness, Karate Kid, and After Earth. Jaden Smith peaked in the movie Karate Kid but he has not appeared in any other big movies.

Jaden Smith

Jaden then started a career in singing and in my point of view it has not been good either. Jaden was brought into the spotlight by his father Will Smith, who is one of the best actors of current years.

Jaden did not live a happy life with his father, he moved out of the house in 2017 and did not have a huge relationship with his father. Jaden raised controversy when he criticized traditional education and advised kids to drop out of school.

He has changed the view of many high school kids and used his popularity for the wrong reasons. If Jaden Smith appears in any other movies I can bet that they won’t be good either.

Taylor Lautner

            Taylor Lautner broke through in the famous movies series Twilight. In Twilight he played Jacob Black, a half boy and half wolf. I never really watched the movie the whole way through but I never did like the way Taylor acted in the movie.

Nicki Swift
Taylor Lautner

The series ran from 2009-2013 and in those years it won a bunch of awards. Taylor also won awards for being a part of that movie but since then he has not won anything. From 2013 to 2018, Lautner has only been nominated four times for two movies that he starred in.

Do not get me wrong, he is a good actor but he has not appeared in any other movies that showed him as a great actor who can play different characters. I just think his public image on being a glorified sex symbol to females has soiled his chances of being in some great movies.

Lautner is just known as the handsome young kid in every movie that he plays in. As he gets older his young looks will disappear and his career as an actor will be over. In 2010, he stated on the Late Show with David Letterman that he is going back to school if acting does not work out. I hope he enrolls soon.

Adam Sandler

This one may surprise some people but yes I think Adam Sandler is done in the movie industry. Adam is one of my favorite actors of all-time but he was in his prime in his 1990’s and 2000’s movies.

Adam Sandler

Adam has starred in some great movies in the past years but none have come close to those movies like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Big Daddy to name a few.

I think the wheels started to fall off when he starred in the movie Jack and Jill where he play both Jack and Jill. The movie received harsh criticism from many people who did not enjoy it.

Sandler and Chris Rock appeared in a new Netflix series movie entitled The Week Of that I have not seen but it has received harsh criticism.

Adam started his acting and comedy career as a standup comedian and that is slowly where he is returning. My cousin went to his show a few weeks ago when it was in Cincinnati and he said that he was impressed with his show.

Adam is a funny guy, but I think that his movie career is over and he is better off as a standup comedy.

Kristen Stewart

Where do I start with Kristen Stewart? She is just a terrible actor with terrible acting skills. She appeared in Twilight which was probably her biggest claim to fame.

Kristen Stewart

She only has had two types of roles in any movie. Either she is a spoiled brat or a weird lonely emo chick that you really just hate. I think every movie I see her in, her character degrades the movie and just makes me want to stop watching it.

Not only is she bad actor, she is also a weird person in general. She has expressed strange feelings in what she found attractive and also had an affair with someone 19 years older than her.

Sorry Kristen, but I don’t care about your life and I could care less about your movie career. You are just terrible.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a beautiful women and she is a great looking model but she is not a good actor. Megan appeared in the one of the biggest movies series; Transformers. Transformers is the only movie that Megan Fox really blew up.

Megan Fox

She is okay but she is nothing too special. She has not appeared in any other big movies. I hope to see her in more movies but I think acting is just not for her.

I think that when Megan appears in movies she is just used as an extra who is not in the movie the whole way through. She is only in movies for her good looks and that is something that is not bad for guys watching. Megan Fox was never an actor in my eyes.

After naming all of these actors I hope that true talent will come forward into the spotlight. We need to replace the old talent with the new youth. Or we need to smarter directors who can actually spot acting talent in a person.