The biggest bandwagon fan at Elder

The biggest bandwagon fan at Elder

Some sports fans have the annoying habit of switching from team to team while still calling themselves a “fan” of the team. They claim that they have “always” been a fan of the team but don’t know anything about them. So let’s talk about the biggest bandwagons at Elder.

The biggest bandwagon that I know of at Elder is Sam Kayse. He is a member of the Quill staff and has been a “fan” of some hot teams in the past few years. Kayse is a big fan of the SEC because of family relations. He is sitting right next to me right now and he just said, “This is fake news you can write whatever you want.”

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I don’t believe that I am a bandwagon and I also think that you are the real one here.

— Sam Kayse

Kayse has liked a lot of teams in the last few years that I remember. This infamous list includes Florida, Kentucky, LSU, and Bama. He “liked” Florida from (2006-2009) in football. At the time Urban Meyer was leading the Gators to the National Title. After the Gators, Kayse joined the tigers of LSU. This is one of the worst decisions in my opinion because he only liked LSU for one year.

Behind this fish that Jake O’Brien caught there is an LSU football shirt

This 2011 squad was very good. They had Jarvis Landry, Tyrann Mathieu, and Odell Beckham, Jr. LSU finished with a record of 13-1 and won the SEC Championship. In the BCS Title game, the Tigers lost to the Crimson Tide. The final score was 21-0 which seemed a lot closer than the score actually was. After this Sam had to switch teams. The next team he picked was Alabama.

The 2012 Bama football team was loaded with star players including TJ Yeldon, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, and Landon Collins. This team had a record of 12-1 and was dominant all season. In the National Championship game, the Tide destroyed the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame 42-14. This is one year that everyone will remember from Alabama’s football history.

The last team that Sam can always count on for football, basketball, or baseball is Kentucky. Kayse will always be a Kentucky fan through the good and the bad. Kentucky will always have a place in his heart and when not joining another team, he will always stick to them.

His favorite team that he will always love

Sam joined the Wildcats fan base in during the 2011-12 season with star players Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Kyle Wiltjer. This is one of the best years in college basketball history. They won the National Championship game against Kansas and this is where the dominance of today’s games started. Also Sam is attending UK next year.

Kayse has also liked the Syracuse Orangemen. All the way back to 2003 when Kayse was four, he loved Melo and Syracuse. Syracuse under Jim Boeheim won the aational title also over Kansas. This is where I believe that the trend started of switching from team to team. Kayse loved this team even though he was raised a Mississippi State Bulldog.

One team that I never mentioned is UC but this is also a go to team

Sam has had a career of switching teams and I believe that he will continue throughout his life. I also think that this theme is like a sickness. There isn’t a cure; it will stay with him forever. Sam is a great kid, but he needs to figure out a team to stay with and stay committed to that team.