Videos highlight close of 2018 school year


Jeff Fuell

Drone view of the seniors of 2018 singing the Elder Alma Mater on the steps to the Pit.

Videos and editing footage as digital storytelling are becoming more and more a part of a daily journalist’s  life. Mr. Rogers has been stressing that his students become fluent in this method of modern communication by shooting video and telling stories in brief visual snippets that hold the interest of today’s digital generation. Below is a quick collection of three videos that Mr. Rogers was able to edit together in the last days of school and first days of summer break. If you are interested in learning more about digital editing, please contact Mr. Rogers and consider taking Journalism at Elder to gain valuable experience as a digital editor.

Mr. Klusman House

This footage was shot on the Klusman Day of Service and came together as a strong story that needed its own separate consideration. Containing an interview with site supervisor Dr. Tucker and scenes from inside and outside the house on Seton Avenue, it went together fairly quickly although there is a rather loud saw in the background of parts of the interview.

Klusman Day of Service

This was put together through the efforts of three separate video teams on the Klusman Day of Service. There was a total of over three hours of video to watch and Mr. Rogers was able to use the best sections as well as many still photos that were posted on Elder’s Facebook page immediately after the event. This features several excellent interviews conducted by the ultra-smooth Lou Langen and video footage from Joe Monahan, Nick Maurer and Adam Duwell. Edited and set to music by Mr. Rogers.

Seniors sing the Alma Mater

This was a great concept by Mrs. Hirth and the yearbook staff to re-create an old yearbook cover from 40 years ago by photographing the entire senior class on the wall overlooking the Pit. Mr. Fuell brought out his drone and the seniors sang the alma mater with a few other cameras rolling to document the event. I think you’ll agree that the video is mercifully short at 53 seconds once you realize that the voices closest to the microphones are probably not the senior Glee Club members! Oh well, this will really be a great conversation piece for these guys to look at in future years to come and maybe the start of another tradition that can continue in the future.