Can an amateur boxing match redefine an industry?

Is YouTube creating real-life celebrities?

August 25th: KSI faces off against Logan Paul

August 25th: KSI faces off against Logan Paul

On August 25th, after months of waiting, history was made.

American sports are bound to change after the historic events of that night. Olajide Olatunji (better known as KSI) fought Logan Paul in a six round amateur boxing match that was streamed across the world. These two YouTube superstars have a combined audience of about 40 million subscribers: so this match was a big deal to many people.

Viewers watched as the cocky and taunting Logan Paul smothered KSI in the first two rounds, especially in the first. While KSI fought back in the second round, Logan’s confidence sky-rocketed.

One instance that stood out in particular was when KSI threw a shot to Logan’s head after the second round ended. This caused a skirmish, and Logan’s entourage almost started a brawl.

As the rounds continued, Logan’s fatigue grew and Olajide’s fitness was highlighted. KSI pummeled Logan Paul in the later rounds.

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In the end, the match was sent to the authority of the judge’s scorecards. They decided the fight was a draw. Two judges tied the opponents at 57 a piece, while one judge gave the win to KSI 58-57. The one judge was not enough to give Olajide the victory, so Logan did not technically lose.

The Internet was bombarded with theories the match was rigged, and both Olajide and Logan called the fight a victory for themselves. The rematch was immediately speculated about, but the effects of the first fight has not settled yet.

The matchup was held in Manchester, where 21,000 fans gathered to watch the fight live. In addition to this, about two-million streamed the event via Yahoo Sports. However, only about 700,000 people legally paid the ten dollar pay-per-view. The view count proves the boxing event’s legitimacy and popularity in accordance with the public.

Many martial arts companies, such as the UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Company, use pay-per-view more than frequently. Nonetheless, a drop in PPV buys is causing a shift towards the Internet, like the KSI v Logan fight. This causes a shift in the views of what an “Internet Star” is and what a “Real-Life Celebrity” is.

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Both Logan and KSI are renowned for their fame on YouTube, but many people still are unfamiliar with the two outside of the website.  If this shift continues, celebrities like Ronda Rousey and Connor McGregor will soon be grouped with these Internet Stars. The downward spiral of PPV will eventually be too much for corporations such as the UFC.

I truly believe that the mixing of boxing and fighting corporations with the Internet has been overdue for a long time. I also believe the transition from a PPV-based organization to an Internet viewing site (somewhat like YouTube) will be beneficial for those companies.

YouTubers will also get exposure to people who may not know them, especially ones like KSI and Logan Paul. Other stars such as Jake Paul (Logan’s brother), who defeated KSI’s brother Deji on August 25th, will gain fans.

It has been proven by Olajide, Logan, Deji, and Jake that people will buy and watch less talented fighting, for a more compelling story. That is why these men just created a large impact on the sports industry and society all together.