Yes, folks, there is a real life Peter Griffin

If you couldn’t dream it, you can stop now.


If you want to imitate a character from your favorite animated series you can’t really do any better than Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Robert Franzese, a 26 year old male from the hills of Long Island, New York has made a dedication to imitating a legend.

Franzese has been a cosplayer on YouTube for four years, mainly doing impressions on the highly requested Peter Griffin. The really ironic thing about this is that he is just not performing the actual impression, he actually wears the trademark green pants and white buttoned down dress shirt just like the one from Family Guy.

His character his gone on comic conventions across the country. In 2014, Franzese attended New York Comic con. His YouTube channel has also turned some heads. The overall turnout of his YouTube channel has had big dividends

Franzese has been a huge success for years and people have noticed that he can really give Seth McFarlane a run for his money.

The very first video that Franzese uploaded netted in over 3.5 million views. Since that first video was uploaded in 2014, he has over 70,000 subscribers and millions of views on YouTube. “Since I have gone viral a few times now, sometimes I get recognized now.”

What really propels the success of Franzese is that he has delved into the inner scope of what Family Guy has to offer. There is a playlist of videos on his YouTube channel called “You know what really grinds my gears”.

The videos are just parodies of what you see on Family Guy. If you have watched the early seasons of the show you would know that there was an episode where Peter worked for the news performing a section called “You know what grinds my gears”.


the idea of grinds my gears came from Family Guy.

Other videos that Franzese has done in the past haven’t really revolved around the Family Guy landscape; he still is that same guy we know.

A really funny video that I can think of is one where he goes to KFC. It may not really fit the idea of what you would see in an episode of Family Guy but, it works out in the end.

This person is the type of person you would want to see in Family Guy. Lately the show has been stale.

I think they should write an episode of where Peter meets this man but, set it up to be where Franzese is actually his twin brother.

You could really say that comparing Robert Franzese and Peter Griffin (Seth Macfarlane) side by side they really look that alike, that would make for a great episode. It would definitely blow away any Family Guy episode that has aired recently.

a side by side comparison of what Robert Franzese looks like compared to Peter Griffin from Family Guy (credit to Q 8 blog)

My opinion on Robert Franzese is he acts just like Peter Griffin and dresses like the cartoon version that you currently watch or watched in the past. I think he actually does a better job than Seth Macfarlane and Fox should really consider putting him in a episode in the near future