Kevin Heckman: The (Heck) man, the myth, the legend


If you have met Kevin Heckman before at Elder or at St. Jude, then he should need no introduction. He is a one-of-a-kind friend that can have a conversation with just about anyone. Don’t believe me? Just talk to him sometime.

Kevin knew he wanted to come to Elder way before he graduated from St. Jude. That is because his dad, uncles, and cousins attended Elder before him. He says his friends didn’t really convince him to come to Elder though, since he knew he would want to find new friends in high school.

Heckman grew up an athlete, playing multiple sports including baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. He ran track for a couple years here at Elder, but is unsure if he will continue this year. In his freshman year, Kevin helped lead the freshman track team as they won GCL.

On the track, Kevin took a captain’s role. He did not have the best times, but he worked his tail off at the PAC and spoke in front of the team as a leader. He was very charismatic and brought up the team’s vibes during cold meets and practices.

Kevin’s favorite teacher is his English 3 teacher: Mr. Grimm

In the classroom, Kevin excels. When I asked him how Elder has changed him he said, “Elder has made me more independent in my decision making and made me a better person who doesn’t take chances like this for granted.”

Kevin is thankful for all his classmates and teachers who bond with him everyday in school, but the teacher he says has brought the most out of him is Mr. Grimm. Despite the fact Kevin and Mr. Grimm only had each other in the classroom for only half a school-year, Kevin knows he and Mr. Grimm have a bond that is truly different than every other teacher.

Kevin recommends that all younger students take Personal Finance. Kevin really enjoys the class, and finds its subject matter very important for his future and the future of all Elder students. “Everyone needs to know how to manage their money.”

The moment that highlights his time here at Elder is storming the Pit against St. Ed’s was awesome.

Outside of Elder, Kevin is a big sports fan. He likes to play video games such as the Madden franchise on Xbox One, and he also watches a lot of sports, too.

Aaron Rodgers, the leader of Kevin’s favorite NFL team: the Green Bay Packers

Kevin is very opinionated when it comes to the teams he will and won’t cheer for. His favorite NFL team by far is the Green Bay Packers, followed by the Cincinnati Bengals. Kevin also roots for the Cincinnati Reds.

For college sports, Kevin prefers the UC Bearcats and the Florida State University Seminoles. However, Kevin hopes that Notre Dame and The Ohio State University loses.

Kevin also works with sports, as he is an umpire. So sports play a large role in Kevin’s life, even if he isn’t playing them.

Kevin Heckman is one of my favorite people to talk to everyday here at Elder. He never fails to make me laugh, have serious debates about my Denver Broncos or his Green Bay Packers, or just help me out with my schoolwork.