Should we have more pep rallies?


Cheerleaders lead in Los Angeles Rams chant, “Rams House” (photo by Gary Rogers)

The word pride is often associated with Elder High School’s long-time standing traditions. Showcasing this pride is displayed in many ways here at Elder, but one stands out more than most: Friday afternoon pep rallies.

Whether it takes place outside in the horseshoe on a bright and sunny summer day, or inside a packed wrestling/volleyball gym, the energy and enthusiasm poured out by the students remains the same.

Every year, there are usually a couple of pep rallies for GCL football games and one for all winter sports. However, the request of some of the students has been to have more pep rallies. Many are suggesting one for every football game, and one for every GCL basketball game.

To find out more about the students opinions on the pep rallies this year and what they would like to see in the future, I went on a quest.

Nicholas Paff – Freshmen: “The pep rallies have been pretty good, but they could be better. The skits have usually been pretty funny, but sometimes they have gotten a little boring.”

Paff also added, “There should be one every Friday for football and every GCL game for basketball.”

Scott Nieman – Sophomore: “They have been sub-par and have not been as good as last years were.”

Nieman out here throwing some heat… However he did say that it would “tickle his feathers” to see more next year.

Zack Williams – Junior: “They have been okay, they could be better.”

Williams also said he’s looking for some more ENERGY next year to fuel the fire.

Brad James (ex-Quill member) – Senior: “I think we are doing well with what we are working with. Obviously there had to be some setbacks, but everyone on our spirit committee has made it work and pep rallies have been a good time this year.”

James finished by stating, “BOOM ROASTED”

With all this said, the ultimate decision making is going to come down to the man himself: Mr. Justin Quatman. Quatman serves as the head of the spirit committee, masterminding the behind the scenes work. It would be a great dishonor if we didn’t applaud the work he and Mr. Reiring do on a weekly basis.

So without further adieu, here’s a look at some of this year’s finest pep rally moments: