What exactly is the key club?

A look into what key club really is and what actually happens

Elder, being a Catholic high school is built on service. Many of the religion classes at Elder require services hours including a community service class that does just that, service. A required five hours of service per class isn’t enough for some students at Elder.

Every year new clubs and organizations are created and others are renewed. One club in particular, The Key Club, stands strong. It is one of the few clubs at Elder that is continuously passed down year to year. The club was originally called the Kiwanis club but was shortened to key club. Religion teacher, Mr. Auer is the moderator of this club and takes part in the various clean-up activities that this group attends.

The Key club is a club that goes out every weekend and helps clean up areas around Price Hill or fixes up houses. The club raises awareness for service to those in need of the community. It helps out the people of price hill by cleaning up their areas.

Senior Alex Reid is a member of the Key Club and enjoys cleaning up Price Hill. “We are a part of a family at Elder,” said Reid. “Therefore it is necessary to clean up the area we live in and make it a better place to be a part of.”

Key Club is an important part of Elder and it continues to improve our community. Billy Angel who has been a member of the Key Club since freshman year feels that the key club is a vital part of Elder.

“I enjoy every opportunity I get to help out my community,” said Angel.  “We are one at Elder and we continue to make change throughout Price Hill.”

Angel, now a senior, is one of the leaders of the key club and encourages everyone at Elder to join this club.

Another project the Key club does later in the year is called Shantytown. The members of the group create homes out of card board boxes and sleep in them over night in order to raise awareness for the homeless. They bring in someone to speak to the students and serve them soup. This project is only meant to raise awareness for the homeless and not just to pretend to be homeless.