Care packages and much more

Care packages and much more

The main focus of Elder is the phrase Altiora. Everyone in this school knows that and strives to be the best that they can be.

An easy way to strive for the higher things is to go beyond the norms and help others out. Supporting the troops is a great club to be a part of and to let the guys know that even though they are thousands of miles away, we have not forgotten about them.

This club was first formed back in 2008 by Elder senior Matthew Brannon.

“I started this endeavor back during my senior year in 2008. I was a part of the service committee on Student Council. I was the point man for the canned food and toy drive. After this was over, I wanted to do something else service related,” said Brannon. “That’s when I thought about sending care packages to Elder grads. I enlisted the help of another senior and we sent out the packages.
The care packages did not go out the next two and a half years after Matt graduated. It almost seemed as if no one wanted to keep the club going. However when Matt was made aware of this he contacted Mr. Reiring in the Alumni Development Office asking if he could get the club going again because of the 9/11 anniversary happening the next year.

“After talking with Mr. Bill, I made it clear to him I wanted to make this into a club so the care packages can go out every year. He agreed to be the faculty adviser and we ran with it, ” said Brannon. “That is when the club was created. Every year I hope to grow the club bigger and bigger. We are trying our best to get students more involved. The Elder students have been very receptive and willing to help.”
The club this year is featuring the care packages during the Holiday season, which normally happens every year as well as a veteran’s appreciation baseball game. Also they are trying to have an Alumni Veterans Lunch at Elder which is new this year, according to Mr. Bill. All the money collected on the out of uniform day that was given will go to the club to buy the supplies for the troops.
“We support the Troops, We take care of our own,” said Mr. Bill. “We do it not to get attention, but to take care of our own.”