Cookie season!

The legendary Girl Scout cookies are back…


All the favorite flavors are back as cookie season is now in full swing.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The time when you come home from school and see there are four boxes of cookies sitting on your kitchen counter. And I’m not talking about any ordinary cookie, I’m referring to the infamous Girl Scout cookies.

Originated in 1917, in Muskogee, Oklahoma by the Mistletoe Troop, these cookies have become highly acclaimed all across the country. But their story goes beyond just a cookie, soaring to unprecedented levels, especially in the local girl scout realm.

Girl Scout cookies are sold by the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) as one of the leading contributors for local girl scout units. This cookie business, the Girl Scout Cookie Program, is the largest girl-managed financial institution and girl-dedicated fundraiser in the world. They help young girls take initiative when it comes to striving higher in life. Normally, girls who sell cookies, get to maintain over 80% of their revenue. Whereas around 15% goes toward nearby charities chosen by the troop. That’s a big responsibility and learning experience for any youthful child.

With each passing of cookie season, spanning from February to April, the girl-run organization maintains a substantial hold upon the cookie  monopoly. They sell around 200 million packages of cookies, equating to roughly $800 million a season. That’s a considerable amount of impact from just a little cookie!

Yet, despite all the hype, there’s always debate when it comes to which tasty treat is the best.

Let’s get to it … (in reverse order).

5. Trefoils

Trefoils – as simple as it gets (photo via

The traditional shortbread cookie. Trefoils, otherwise known as Shortbreads, are basic when it comes to ingredients. Equivalent to that of a sugar cookie, don’t be fooled by the Trefoils’ innocent appearance. They’re not crazy popular, possibly due to their lack of pungent flavors; however, they’re certainly satisfying when it comes down to a tasty snack.

4. Lemonades

Lemonades – a cookie with a touch of lemon (photo via

Similar to your sugar cookie, lemonades are basically the same concerning ingredients and plain characteristics. Yet, these beauties are doused with a fruity, lemon flavored aftertaste. If you’re someone who enjoys the natural zest from exotic foods then maybe this unusual cookie combo is right for you.

3. Tagalongs 

Tagalongs – perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter with a cookie crunch (photo via

My personal favorites. I’m a big Reese’s Cups guy. Therefore, I love the chocolate and peanut butter combination. It is the go to dessert snack whenever I’m craving the satisfaction of a sugar rush. Now, I wish I could put these at number one, but the Peanut Butter Patties aren’t the most popular choice among buyers. I guess my purchases didn’t make a huge impact for my fav’s reputation. 🙁

2. Samoas 

Samoas – coconut, caramel, and chocolate come together to cover this cookie in goodness (photo via

The coconut cookie. Nope not made from on an island paradise somewhere under a palm tree, but yes, these delicious washers are number two. Yet, an argument can definitely be made for this sweet to top the list. If you’re one for the “coconuty” taste then obviously you’re addicted to these during cookie season. However, coconut, an even caramel, are flavors that don’t appeal to everyone.

1. Thin Mints

Thin Mints – chocolate cookies with a minty freshness (photo via

I’m sure you’ve had a York – Peppermint Pattie, especially after a satisfying meal at Skyline, right? Well okay, imagine a cookie inside of a York and boom you have a Thin Mint. Although they aren’t exactly good for your mouth or teeth, your breath may feel perky after a few are swallowed. But whoever said a little extra confidence boost and a chocolate/sugar rush wasn’t good for the soul.

So there you have it. Your eating guide for the cookie season. A season that’ll always be backed by a fantastic program and even greater cause.

Eat responsibly and enjoy.