Is the Christmas spirit more valuable than presents?

Is the Christmas spirit more valuable than presents?

Unless you’re the Grinch or Ebeneezer Scrooge, chances are that you look forward to Christmas every year. Every year children eagerly rush to the Christmas tree in the early morning of December 25th, but what about the big kids? What about  teenagers?

As teenagers’ hormones and interests change, do their feelings about Christmas change too? To answer that question, I decided to ask a few Elder students.

First I talked to Ryan Schenkel, a freshman from Our Lady of Victory. He said that the thing he looks forward to the most about Christmas is his annual Madden tournament with his brothers. I also asked him if there were any particular things he wanted for Christmas and he said “just some flannels to wear to school in the winter.”

I also asked Ryan whether Christmas presents or the Christmas feeling means more to him.

“The Christmas feeling,” said Schenkel. “During Christmas time everyone is happy. I would rather have everyone happy than just me.”

Next up was junior Noah Poland.

“As I’m getting older now it seems like all I want is clothes and money,” said Poland. “So all I asked for in particular were these band shirts I found online.”

He also added, “Being a junior now I’m not really into getting all these presents. The feeling of Christmas is what I really enjoy. I just can’t wait to be with my family and friends throughout the break.”

Next, I threw a few questions at Chris Henry (the real Chris Henry, not the Bengals player). He said he’s “looking forward to the Christmas atmosphere.”

“Presents are good, but they don’t last forever,” said Henry. “The memories of family and friends last a lifetime.”

Lastly, I talked to Kyle Rickett, a cross country and track runner. Being a runner, Kyle is interested in GPS running watch for Christmas.

Rickett agrees with the others.

“Presents have become less important to me,” said Rickett. “And the meaning of Christmas has started to become more important.”

Though not as extreme as in North Pole, Alaska, Christmas spirit is strong at Elder.
Though not as extreme as in North Pole, Alaska, Christmas spirit is strong at Elder.

After talking to quite a few Elder students, it seems clear that for most high school students, the Christmas feeling really is more important than getting presents. With Christmas less than four weeks away, it’s time to get in the spirit.