The man of many stares


Damico in his natural state

Y lunch at Elder High School can at times be very interesting. It is a mix of students from each grade, so interaction between the lower and upperclassmen is inevitable. At times this can create tension, which in most cases turns out absolutely hilarious. About a month ago while I was eating at my normal corner of the lunch room, I noticed something odd.

A freshman at the table adjacent to mine was staring at my friend, and he continued to do this for the rest of lunch. When my friend finally asked the freshman why he was staring, he just continued to stare and said nothing. This freshman is Dominic Damico, and his ability to stare at individuals, thus making them feel extremely awkward, is unmatched.

“I do it because it’s funny to see peoples’ reactions,” says Damico. With this attitude of nonchalance, he truly will stare at any student he sees. To some this is an annoyance, but to others, Damico’s ability to put fear into individual by just simply looking at him is seen as comedic genius. Keeping that in mind, reaction’s to his stares vary.

He says, “I’ve been punched, kicked, and told vicious things, but it all just encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s funny how people feel the need to act violent towards me just because I look at them.”

Damico’s actions truly show how much some people care about their reputations. “Those who laugh when I stare understand that my main goal is to be funny,” he said.  “I like to make people happy or upset; it’s up to them to choose how they handle it.”

Some people are surprised that Damico has friends due to this staring, but he has many. “My friends don’t see it as anything harmful,” he said. “You’d think my whole table would be a target for bullies due to my staring and the fact that we’re all freshman, but we do not get bothered.”

Staring is just one of Damico’s talents. He is also a brilliant artist and he is enrolled in art at Elder. His other hobbies include playing video games and playing Magic the Gathering, a card game.

Seeing Damico stare at someone new every day at lunch is truly a comedic treat.

“As long as people keep reacting to my staring, I will continue to do it,” he said.

If you ever happen to see Damico don’t be alarmed, the staring will end when you stop acknowledging it.