Portable Pit

The Pit doesn’t just stay in Price Hill, especially not in the Playoffs. Playoff Week 2: A GCL re-match between St. X and Elder.

The last time these two teams met was a close game, with Elder prevailing 31-28. This time, #4-seeded Elder will take on #1-seeded St. X at Mason High School, 11/15. Tickets are currently on sale, available in limited supply at Elder or online here.

Moderator’s note: This video story represents the work of senior Jack Langen, who is well on his way to becoming a serious video journalist. He has produced numerous video projects over his years at Elder, documenting and promoting upcoming sporting events. He has also done extensive work outside of class time researching and implementing updated video and graphic effects on our Elder streaming broadcasts in order to improve the experience of our internet viewers.

And what’s more impressive to me, his teacher, is that he has done this mostly on his own, without any assistance from myself of any other faculty adviser. I think if you watch this video, you will see that it has all the elements of an ESPN or even an NFL Films type of promo. His efforts have been noticed on social media by his peers based on the number of views, but I think it’s about time that it is noticed by the readers of SNO.

In my opinion, there can’t be many other high school videographer/editors doing this caliber of work without adult/professional help and it should be recognized. Why did I write this glowing note and include it in the body of this story? Well, I want to help this piece become eligible to compete for a video award with our online hosting site Student Newspapers Online (SNO) and the only way to do that (apparently) is to have a word count of 300 in the body of the story. Done!