The Baby Revolution

The new extensive use of baby versions of familiar characters is running rampant today.

Bolt playing once again with his favorite carrot.


Bolt playing once again with his favorite carrot.

When looking at a child, one might have a various amount of reactions. A person may feel appalled by the simplicity of the undeveloped mind of the child. One may feel disgusted by how the baby eats and does not have the same motor controls of the average human.

For the majority of people however, the feeling that arises is one of happiness and infatuation with the tiny humans. Why does this happen? Is it because of maternal and paternal instincts that every person Is born with, or is it just because babies are simply cute.

Leading scientist Dr. Aragon says, “feelings of tenderness can be so overwhelming that they spill over into a behavior called ‘cute aggression’”

Whether or not we realize these emotions, the media does realize what is going on and therefore preys on us for it. They throw babies into our face and force feed us a cuteness overload that keeps us glued to the screen. In a similar way, reviewing the top five babies in entertainment and including pictures will hopefully keep you glued to this article. Let’s start with number five and work our way down to the cutest.

Wazowski seen sporting his Monster University hat.

    5. Baby Mike Wazowski

        An unconventional pick to be within the top five, but it Wazowski has definitely been a baby that has been slept on for years. He did not make his appearance until 2013 in the film Monsters University, where a flashback is shown with him as a young child/baby. He had dreams of being a scarer, but who could truly be that scary with such a cute face? Regardless of opinion, baby Wazowski serves to bring cuteness to a movie full of monsters. Cuteness rating: 6/10.

Po seen sitting in his pot of dumplings, causing trouble.

4. Baby Kung Fu Panda

One of the most loveable characters in cinematic history already, Po the Kung Fu Panda, has a baby scene in the second movie that is simply unrivaled. The plump, squishy baby Po is seen as his usual clumsy self, getting into a bowl of dumplings before his mother stops him. The added aspect of Po being a tad on the fat side only adds to his cuteness rating, which ends up being a respectable 8/10.

Business Insider
Baby Yoda seen here, standing in anticipation for his counterpart to make a move.

  3. Baby Yoda

Most of you may be surprised by seeing this name so early in the article, but there are multiple reasons why. The character of baby Yoda himself is not as cute as everyone makes him out to be, but it is his actions that make him so much more attractive to people. He waddles around, trying to use the force and that therefore gives off the impression of making him cute. Simply put, there are other candidates on this list that happen to be more adorable. Overall cuteness rating of 7/10, but his actions do bump him up to an 8.5/10.

The Verge
Baby Groot waving hello to his friends from across the platform.

2. Baby Groot

The non-talkative figure from Guardians of the Galaxy finally appears at the number 2 spot on this list, and for good reason. Groot has all the aspects of a human infant, he is not the brightest, he can’t fully talk, and he is growing giant before our very eyes. His ability to root himself within the heart of viewers has not changed, and will not change even as he grows to an adult. His dancing abilities give him just the edge over Yoda. Cuteness rating: 9/10.

Baby Bolt seen on adoption day carrying around his favorite plush carrot.

 1. Baby Bolt

Let’s be honest, the only thing cuter than both a baby or a dog, is a baby dog. Baby bolt captures the hearts of those watching the movie, playing with his plush carrot while he gets adopted. Simply put, anything this dog does is absolutely adorable and putting him at the first spot was one of the easiest decisions of my life. Cuteness rating: 10/10.

The baby revolution has even made its’ way into big business now, as Planters killed off their mascot and replaced him with a baby version. The “baby nut” was extremely successful on social media in getting interaction, which will most likely prompt even more companies to turn towards the cuteness aspect.

Needless to say, the babies are here to stay.