Is drinking really safe?

Is drinking really safe?

Most high school and college students see no danger in going to a party and having a few drinks with friends. We hear stories in the news of students dying from alcohol poisoning or drowning in one’s own vomit, but it never occurs to us that it could happen someone we love or even ourselves. Sadly, that is exactly what was going through the minds of those that were a part of one of these many tragedies.

In 2010, St. Xavier High School Senior Matt James, died after falling from a balcony during his Senior trip to Panama Beach, Florida. He had his whole life ahead of him and had just been recruited to play for the University of Notre Dame. Alcohol was a clear factor in this incident. In fact, some of the alcohol was even provided by parents of the students on the trip.

This tragedy reoccurred when Tyler Stiles and Michael Tepe, football players at The College of Mount Saint Joseph, died November 10, 2013. Both were drinking and died in a head-on collision on Covedale Road.

McAuley student Rachel McGrath, died in a collision on Sheed Road September 13. She was with friends who were drinking. Some people think it is “OK” to drive drunk if they have only have had a few drinks or some even think they are good drunk drivers. This is what causes these incidents and it can be easily prevented by either not drinking or having someone else drive.

Jacob Jarmon, 19 years old, died October 24, 2013, on a railroad track near Miami University in Oxford after attending a college party. Also at IU this year, Freshman Rachael Fiege died after falling down a flight of stairs after attending a party with heavy drinking. Her friends, also drinking, left her at the bottom of the stairs thinking she was sleeping.

Drinking is very common among high school and college students.  It causes impaired judgment and makes people do stupid things they normally wouldn’t do. It does not have to be a part of the “experience” and it is important to stay safe. In most of our minds, something like this won’t happen to someone we know but it is important to remember incidents like these.