The Study Hall Hall of Fame

The 2020 Inductees to the Study Hall Hall of Fame


Gus Middendorf '21

The Elder Library. A commonplace for students during study hall

One of the parts of the school day that a student looks forward to is study hall, if they have one. It is a time where you can get a head start on anything you may have to do at home for class, a time where you can prepare before a test or presentation, or maybe it could be just a time where you relax and enjoy a free bell.

At Elder, there is pretty much a study hall designated for every period, and if you request a study hall when you schedule classes, the counseling department will try to fit one in around your schedule.

Personally, I have had experience in several study halls in my senior year alone, but also throughout my other years here at Elder. There seems to be a different aura that is given off of each individual study hall location and moderator. I really don’t know how to describe it other than that they are different. Times of the day play a factor. The room plays a factor. The moderator plays a factor. The students play a factor. There is a lot more to this process than you may think.

There are definitely certain study hall periods that are better than other. I will list some of my hall of fame study hall bells because I’ve experienced so many, whether I chose to or not. The 2020 Study Hall Hall of Fame Inductees include:

Mr. James 1st Period Study Hall

The majority of Coach James’s study halls are first ballot hall of famers, and it doesn’t get much better than the 1st period study hall that I’ve been lucky to have for the duration of my senior year. Having a first period study hall is more luxurious than the average student may think. You know going into the day that you will have 45 minutes or an hour and a half of free time to do whatever it is you need, and this is a comforting fact if you have a lot on your plate for that day of school. Whether it be finishing up assignments, last minute studying, or getting a little extra sleep, first period study hall can serve all those purposes. Also, it doesn’t get much better than having Coach James for study hall. The energy is there day in and out, set by the entrance and seldom jokes are told when walking through the door.

Mr. Dickman 4th Period Study Hall

Another great room to be in. I experienced this study hall in room S-133, which was a little bit of a bummer, but having Mr. Dickman as the moderator made this a lot better. This was a very easy-going and productive study hall session. 4th period comes at the middle of the day, and most upperclassmen have probably just come back from lunch or are preparing to go eat. This is a crucial time of the day. This is either a period that you have to recoup and focus for the second half of the day, or get pumped up for the lunch you are about to eat. This is pretty much halftime of the day, and having a guy like Mr. Dickman as the moderator of this study hall only improves it.

Mr. James 7th Period Study Hall

Another one. While there aren’t many people in this one considering it is a seventh bell study hall, it was a pretty good time when I was in there. It really feels like the end of the day when there are four people in the classroom, counting Coach James. The sun is out and shining, you look at the clock and realize that you have the whole bell to wind down and relax for whatever you have after school, whether that be going home, practice, work, or whatever. Seventh bell study hall is something that a student probably looks forward to throughout their day in school. You know its seventh bell study hall when the classroom is empty and you’ve already finished that day of classes. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.

As I’m sitting here in my basement writing about sitting in various study halls, I cannot help but think about what I would do to be in a study hall right now. At school. At whatever time of the day, doesn’t matter. The fact that I would be in school is all that matters to me right now, and I hope and pray every day that I, along with everyone at Elder, gets the chance to return to their second home, the place where we want to go pretty bad right about now.

But, congratulations to these inductees. May they continue to impact students studying, sleeping, gaming, or whatever they may be doing in this period.