Skyzone jumps into Springdale


Skyzone’s unique design will have you bouncing off the walls, literally.

It’s every kid’s dream; a room full of trampolines, basketball hoops, and a foam pit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Skyzone, and now Cincinnatians are lucky enough to be closer to the festivities.

Skyzone has been around since 2004 when entrepreneur Rick Platt decided to spend $2 million dollars to fill an empty warehouse in Las Vegas with trampolines. Platt’s original plan was for athletes to use the facility for various types of training, but the warehouse didn’t generate much interest. However, local skateboarders heard of the facility and asked if they could give it a try. This led to Platt’s decision to open the building to the general public for $8 a person, and Skyzone was born.

Similarly, Rick Platt’s son Jeff opened the second Skyzone in St. Louis, Missouri in 2006, with the business generating around $16 million in one year. Skyzone remained a steady business for five years until it completely exploded in 2011. Not only are there Skyzone facilities in the U.S., but Canada has also embraced the business. Fortunately, Springdale, which is right outside of Cincinnati, joined the Skyzone family by opening it’s doors in early October of 2013. It has so far been a hit for many east-siders, but those on the west side have yet to fully experience the awesomeness that is Skyzone.

The simplicity of bouncing up and down on a trampoline is turned into an all out area of joy while one finds his or her way throughout the football field-sized area.  Not only does Skyzone include trampolines, but also activities such as basketball. One can utilize the hoops that are set up to try some amazing dunks, or to just pretend to be good at basketball. Other activities include 3D dodge ball, called this because not only is it normal dodge ball, but also the players are jumping up and down.

On average, most Skyzone facilities house around 300 customers a day, and around 800 on the weekends, so timing is key if you want to avoid traffic on the trampolines.

Overall, Skyzone is a great place to go for some recreational fun, or for some serious exercise. Visit for more info.