Law enforcement sees employees affected by COVID-19


District 3 police station which is located at, 2300 Ferguson Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238

While the US is still under COVID-19’s grasp, the ones going out and protecting us during this time are starting to pay the price of being heroic.

Police officers all across the country have tested positive for the coronavirus, leading to some departments, including Cincinnati, to adjust their strategy in order to avoid unnecessary exposure. While we have seen some police in our area fall sick with the COVID-19, the situation was extraordinarily severe in New York City, where NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said 818 officers had tested positive by Sunday afternoon and 4,600 were out sick.

A Cincinnati police officer, who works at the District 3 station in Westwood, has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, said Police Chief Elliot Isaac.
Chief of Police, Cincinnati, Elliot Isaac. Picture taken in 2019

“While we know this is trying time for our officers that has tested positive, we are grateful that they are experiencing mild symptoms and we will support them and the entire Department as this pandemic impacts our city and the world,” said chief Isaac in a statement.

According to Isaac, the Cincinnati Police Department has immediately disinfected and thoroughly cleaned the district three police station. As of now, all officers have left the building and are working at an alternative site. In addition, all three officers have been self-quarantining after they started showing symptoms, but the agency has not named the officers, but does say that all three are recovering.

Chief Isaac assured full patrol services will still be available during this time.

City Manager Patrick Duhaney wrote in an email to City Council saying, “Unfortunately, we know other City employees will likely contract COVID-19 at some points in the near future. We will do our best to keep you informed of instances of infection when they result in an impact to public health or the delivery of City services.”

While many people during this time are in “self-quarantine”, we have to remember and respect those who are going out everyday and protecting our streets, neighbors, etc. Without the people in the public service industry during this time we would see a lot of things be different.

“We need to respect those who do things for others and who show selflessness during these awkward and historical times.”