Why the old Elder lunch was just fine the way it was.

Old or New lunch?


Lunch at Elder High School is something that most if not all students love.

Sitting and eating lunch with your friends and talking about school, friends, parties, and more just seems like the best part of the day.

Elder had great cafeteria food until my sophomore year where they made it so much worse. Today, I am going to tell you what made Elder’s old lunch the best part about school.

I interviewed senior Reiley Inabnitt about the lunch situation here at Elder. I asked him if he liked the current lunch situation here at Elder?” He replied, “If I’m honest with you, I’m not the biggest fan of this new lunch. I’d rather pack then eat lunch here.”

My next question for Mr. Inabnitt was “When you ate Elder’s old lunch, did you like eating it and what was your favorite thing to get?” Reiley answered, “I personally loved Elder’s old lunch. I loved getting their burgers, or the chili cheese fries because they were the best chili cheese fries to ever exist.”

I then asked him “What do you not like about Elder’s current lunch situation?” Almost immediately he replied with “The burgers are trash; the burger bun is about as hard as a rock. The prices are very high. I got a piece of pizza, and it cost $3 dollars which is a lot for a single pizza slice.”

I asked him “What do you like about Elder’s new lunch?” Reiley replied with “The addition of different chefs to cooks us meals is pretty cool but they should do that more often other than every now and then.”

If you ask me, Elder’s old lunch was something to be excited about. The burgers, the cookies, and the chili cheese fries would run out very fast so you had to hustle down to the cafeteria just to get a chance to get the food. I think the chili cheese fries were the best part about the old lunch and even though the new lunch isn’t the best thing in the world, the pizza, the coffee machine, and cookies definitely shine in a sea of darkness