2014; a chance for change

2014; a chance for change

The new year gives us all a chance to evaluate what went on in the previous 365 days that was good as well as the things we would like to change. This leads us to setting goals for the New Year that we want to fulfill to have an improved life. Every year millions of Americans set “New Year’s Resolutions.” These are things they want to change for the better in everyday life.

Getting in better shape and eating healthier are always some of the most popular resolutions for the New Year. We all want to be physically fit and get rid of unwanted fat. This can be a very difficult resolution for many. Getting out of old routines from the past can be difficult. No one like change, so switching from eating fast food and sweets to more fruits and vegetables can be hard. We all want to find more time to exercise and work out; so many people choose this resolution.

Another resolution for many adults is stopping excessive smoking or drinking. This is another health related challenge, as Americans are aware of the negative effects of both smoking and drinking. Smoking is one of the top causes of cancer and drinking leads to poor decision-making and various health problems. The first few days of the New Year are often the first day smokers begin the vast challenge of battling their nicotine addiction. This should not be a resolution for many Elder students because most of us are underage for both smoking and drinking.

Going to church or gaining a stronger relationship with God is another huge resolution. After looking back at the past year and the bad things they did, people might want to try to be a better overall person who is happy more often. At the New Year, many people realize they could count the number of times they attended church in the past year on one hand and feel as if they need to go more often. Also, many people who don’t have a religion or aren’t believers of anything in the past begin to try different religions for the New Year.

A final resolution that is very popular is being a better son or daughter or a better parent to your kids. We all love our families and want to have the best relationships with them, but in reality, its not always perfect. Many people for the New Year want to be nicer to their brothers, sisters, or parents and try not to argue over the stupid stuff they argue about daily. Parents often want to spend more family time by having more family dinners, having family activities planned, etc. Some families even set a family resolution for the year such as cutting out fatty foods, exercising together, or just simply spending more time as a group.

The New Year gives us a chance to learn from the past and see how we can change for the better. Good luck to people across the globe that are attempting to live up to their expectations and resolutions set for 2014. Happy New Year!