Christmas Agenda

Christmas Agenda

With Christmas just around the corner people are beginning to finalize their plans for what’s going to happen during Christmas break. Some, like me, people are spending it with their grandparents. Others are going to hit the slopes and spend their break with snow pelting against their face, but of course a good pelting. Most of the time people think that Christmas break is just a time for them to sleep in till noon and spend their nights with hot chocolate and Netflix.

Although that is a great way to spend a night, there are alternatives. For one going downtown is a great way to spend your break. Downtown has some of the best attractions and they have an ice skating rink which is surprisingly fun, I go down every year and it’s jam packed. My friends and family always love going down then getting hot chocolate and at the nearby stand. Ice skating is the not the only thing downtown has to offer, it has a multitude of restaurants and places to visit. You cannot go wrong with downtown, a great place to spend your Christmas break is the ever famous, Festival of Lights.

Christmas break is also a great time for family and friends to spend quality time together. I mean the whole purpose of this break is so families can fall back from their duties such as work, school and other miscellaneous duties to spend two weeks catching up and making memories. Coming from a family where half of us live all over the world, its hard staying connected. Christmas break is a great way for me to connect with my extended family especially when it’s hard for them to come to the U.S.

Spending time with family is ideal for Christmas break, but it’s also a wonderful time for you to hang out with friends. I know that a lot of my friends are excited for Christmas break including senior Bradley Newell,

What’s your favorite part about Christmas break? “Easily sleep, I’ve been sleep deprived ever since the beginning of the year. Besides sleep, being with my family, my family is really close and I love spending time with them. We always exchange gifts and eat cookies together; it’s probably my favorite time of the year.”

Do you have any huge plans for Christmas break? “Not really, besides going to my grandma’s house and then Christmas day I have brunch at my house with my dad’s side of the family.”

Many of us share the same traditions as other people around the world except for senior Michael Caldwell.

What does your family have planned for Christmas break? “Well every year me and my family go to Perfect North and spend a couple days out of Christmas break there. It’s a great tradition that my family and my friends both share with me.” I

Is there anything else you do with your family? “Well, like any other family we all have Christmas dinner together at my house, it’s fun to have all my cousins over because we all sit around and listen to my uncle’s insane stories.”

So see Elder, Christmas break is not just about sleeping in, watching Netflix, and stuffing your face till you puke. It’s about creating memories with your loved one and cherishing the moments you share together.