Irving Berlin isn’t the only one wishing for a white Christmas

Santa just is white. -Megyn Kelly

Nicholas James Antone

“Santa just is white.” -Megyn Kelly


The holidays are a time to meet with family and friends, and apparently they are also a time for “news” agencies to convince children that a fictional character is undeniably white. Fox News you ask? You guessed it.

Long-time Fox anchor Megyn Kelly recently hosted a panel on her show to discuss a very important topic; the color of Santa’s skin.  This debate stemmed from blogger Aisha Harris writing an article explaining the alienation she felt as a child due to the fact that every Santa she saw was different from the Black Santa she saw at home.

Apparently Kelly thought that this blog post was so outrageous that she had to dig up three other top-notch journalists to discuss her dismay. I guess that’s what happens when you devote one channel to 24 hour, around the clock, “fair and unbiased” news. Nothing is more worth-while to talk about when there’s war and disease around the world than the color of Santa’s skin.

What Kelly failed to realize is the true point of Harris’ article; to point out the isolation many children of different races feel when the nicest and jolliest man on earth is portrayed as being white. Kelly claims that Harris was saying it is racist to have a white Santa, yet Harris makes no mention of this anywhere in her article.

“Santa just is white,” were the words coming from Kelly’s mouth as she “made sure the kids at home watching knew the truth.” Yes, because kids watch Fox News all the time now.  A big point that Kelly seemed to forget is that SANTA IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. He can be blue, green, a she, a dog, a cat, or even a news anchor at Fox.

What is even a bigger problem is that Kelly brings a panel in for discussion, which in most people’s minds means exchanging ideas. However, all Kelly can do is bash two of her guests for barely disagreeing with her and praise one of them for basically repeating her opening statements. This just proves how strongly Kelly feels in her duty as a journalist to listen to all sides of the story, keeping in mind the fair and balanced mentality of Fox.

If the whole Santa blunder didn’t throw you off, listen to this; Megyn Kelly actually believes that Jesus was white too. Yes, I’m not making this up. Kelly actually believes that this man born in the Middle East was white and that’s “just how it is.” I can’t say I’ve been to the Middle East, but I have this gut feeling that I won’t see any native born white-men there.

I could continue to bash Kelly for hours, but I feel as if she’s received enough hate so I’ll end with this. I don’t believe Kelly is a racist, but she is misinformed, and if so-called news agencies have misinformed anchors spreading false news, the only color of concern at this point for a journalist like Kelly is yellow.