Inside the Elder band

A look at the Elder band and which students stick out from the crowd.


The band is a staple of any school across the country. They’re always there to pump up the students at pep rallies or various games, and they’re vital to the hype-factor in any place they’re at. This is especially true for the Elder band, as you can see them at every football home game and GCL away games. Let’s take a look at the section leaders that make the band as great as it is.

Starting off with the percussion, led by seniors Ben Yorgovan and Grant Hater. Both four year members, they have starred every year in the percussion section.

The Elder drumline, featuring Parker Brewer, Grant Hater, Ben Yorgovan, and Hinmer Ventura Chun. (L to R)

Always an example to the rest of the band, Mr. Post and Mrs. Cassidy rely on these two to keep the percussion section in check, with the majority of the Elder drumline being underclassmen.

The woodwind section (saxophones, flutes, clarinets) features seniors Zack Sargent, Kyle Ficker, and Will Bode on the saxophone and sophomore Paul Hartfiel on the flute. Zack, Kyle, and Will are all four year members and have solidified themselves as some of the best players in the band. Whenever Mrs. Cassidy needs reassurance on a note or position, one of these students always has the answer.

The low-brass section, featuring Derrick Cearley, Ethen Wiemer, Thomas Hater, and Logan Smith. (L to R)

For the brass, senior Derrick Cearley leads the trombones and sophomore Carter Sokolis heads the trumpet section. Derrick has been apart of the band since his freshman year, and has built a reputation as a reliable and strong trombone player. While Carter is only a sophomore and started playing trumpet only last year, he is working on becoming one of the best trumpet players to ever walk the halls of Elder High School.

A typical band practice involves roughly an hour and a half after school of playing, marching, and overall practicing. This is what it means to be an Elder band member.

This year, the band has performed and competed at several events and parades, including the Little Miami parade and the Harvest Home festival, of which the Elder band earned the award for “best band”.

The Elder band practicing with grade schoolers from around the area before their performance on October 8.



Recently, the band hosted a “grade school night” where 7th and 8th grade band players at various schools around the area were invited to play at halftime at the Pit of the football game against Indianapolis Roncalli on October 8. This allowed the younger students to get a great feel for the band and the atmosphere it provides, as well as meeting some of their future classmates.

The Elder band is always having fundraisers, with the most recent one being a mattress sale that was hosted in the Schaeper Center’s multi-purpose room. There are always ways to help out the band, whether it be supporting the fundraisers or volunteering time to help with various events that they are playing at.

So, next time you hear the band play, you’ll know exactly who you’re listening to and what goes into a good performance at the Pit or anyplace else.