Macenko goes fast

Jackson will be racing this car next year; it is named the Formula 1600

Jackson will be racing this car next year; it is named the Formula 1600

Many people around Elder know Jackson Macenko as a great student and great lacrosse player. However, many don’t know his real passion is racing. Ever since Jackson was younger he has loved the sport of racing. I’ve known Jackson pretty much my whole life, so I know he is a big time racing fan. He was always watching NASCAR and having debates with older people about who was the best driver. Jackson’s all time favorite is Jeff Gordan, and is the reason he drives with the number 24. I had the chance to ask Jackson some questions about racing one on one. 

I first asked him how long he has been racing and what caused him to get into it. He has been racing since he was in third grade, he said. He then thought long and hard about the second part of the question then responded, “I got into it because I was always fascinated by wheels on cars and got into it from there. I started to watch racing on TV and quickly fell in love. One day I begged my dad to take me to a go-cart race in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.” From there the rest is history. Jackson has been loving it ever since his first time racing.

In this picture, Jackson Macenko wins a race at Southern Indiana Barns.

However, his second time ever racing was his most memorable experience. I asked him about what made it so special. Jackson told me that in just his second ever race he won. It was so special to him because his entire family was there to support him. It was always his dream to win a race and his family being there made it so much more meaningful. After he had won the race, Jackson wasn’t expecting much more, but then his brother and cousin surprised him with a trophy. He was so thrilled to win this trophy that the next day he had it sitting right next to him as he was watching NASCAR. 

I was always so fascinated by Jackson and how well he drove, so I decided to ask him what has been the hardest thing about racing that most people wouldn’t expect. His answer was surprising, saying, “Sponsors. Many people don’t know but the hardest thing about racing is for sure sponsors.” He went on to say, “Ninety percent about the sport is finding sponsors and just 10% is actual racing.” Jackson discussed how hard it was to find sponsors especially at a young age. He said it was a very successful time, he often would email people or even go door to door to get sponsors. However, Jackson now has a number of sponsors which have helped his racing career a great deal. 

Many people have asked Jackson just what his plan is for the future. He told me both his near future plans and distant future plans. For his near future he is hoping to move into a car called the “Formula 1600” by next year. After he acquires that car, his road to start Indy car takes off. In his distant future Jackson is hoping to achieve a lifelong goal of racing in an Indy car. 

While discussing Jackson’s plans for the future I just had to ask how his journey has been. Jackson described his path as being mentally challenging. Furthermore, he went on to say, “The journey of my racing career has been extremely challenging. It has been a lot more mentally challenging than it is physical. Oftentimes, I ask myself if this is really something I want to do, the career path I want to follow. But the journey has made me learn a lot about myself and has made me a lot stronger.”

Jackson is someone who is constantly persevering through hard times. Therefore, I know that’s why he will be very successful in this career.