The state of America’s freedom.

Is America losing it’s freedom?

The state of Americas freedom.
America – The land of the free

America has always been called the ‘Land of the Free’.

But is this statement really true? Since America became an independent nation, it was called the land of the free or the land of opportunities, and it was called this for various reasons, most notably that millions of immigrants flocked to America to start life anew.

When many people thought of America, they thought of success and opportunity. Whether or not that has changed today is based upon the individual, but America itself has certainly changed from that time.

From censoring and somewhat controlling what people can and can not say, to tracking or as some others might call it spying on what people may be doing. Here are some ways America might be losing what our founding fathers originally fought so hard for.

To start things off, one way people might consider America losing an extent of its freedom could be from the police force. No, I’m not saying that the police are a bad thing, I am however saying that some of the stuff they sometimes do does violate people’s freedom/rights.

Some things that the police force might do to violate these are searching for people/people’s houses without warrants. Another thing would be gaining secret evidence behind someone’s back based upon how they seem/look. There have been numerous cases or incidents where this has occurred, and although sometimes their suspicions were correct it’s not the point, if they were allowed to do this, then they could freely search anyone just because they might feel like it or because that person just looks like they’re trouble.

Although, they aren’t allowed to do this, there are still many times where it does occur and thus violating people’s rights and their freedom. For more information on this topic people can look to the search and seizure laws and the fourth amendment.

Do you ever find yourself looking something up, such as maybe stuff for a soon to be new child or a new phone, and later on find yourself being constantly pestered with ads of what you were previously looking up?

This happens to many people and is caused by internet cookies. Cookies track what you look at on your browser and is later on used to improve the quality of your ads and other things you might see later. Well, the government can then use these cookies to track you and what you may be up to, being able to access information of you, and stuff such as your search history.

This isn’t the only way the government spies on us either, though not completely confirmed to be related to all phones, the government can spy on people through their phones as well, thus listening into your conversations and whatever else you may be doing. These can very clearly violate people’s privacy rights as the government could obtain personal information about who you are.

Many people think America is headed in a pretty bad direction, bad enough to just about connect it to Totalitarian Regimes. Totalitarian regimes in short are governments that have complete rule or control over there people. Many people think America is heading in this direction with the way things currently are. Current examples are COVID related problems such as enforcing what people are able to do and able to not do, and media related things where people are restricted to what they can and can’t say.

Is America becoming a Totalitarian Regime?

In short, many things have changed since the start of America and that’s only to be expected. With the many new things that have been happening as of recently and in today’s world it’s only somewhat expected that there are certain restrictions and limitations to what can be done and said. Many people think America is headed in a bad direction towards being similar to totalitarian regimes, while other people think it’s alright in today’s world. Like most things this is completely based on one’s perspective on the matter, there is no denying however that America isn’t as free as it used to be.