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Bogus Birds

Bogus Birds

September 26, 2019

Can you honestly tell me that you have seen a real, living bird at any time within the past twenty-five...

Trump vs. Pelosi all 2019

2019 State of the Union, Review

February 8, 2019

Although I appreciate our president, I understand he is not perfect.  One area of weakness for our leader is controlled public speaki...

Horrible bridge collapse in Italy

Horrible bridge collapse in Italy

September 12, 2018

Tragedy happened in Italy just days ago. A bridge collapsed in the city of Genoa. An off duty firefighter...

Gergen shows off his classroom crib

May 16, 2017

In The Purple Quill's version of  MTV Cribs, we explore Mr. Mike Gergen's classroom crib. Check out Epis...

In the end, both sides look all too familiar (Photo edited by Joe Reiter)

Politics is more complicated than you think

May 5, 2017

People of opposite political views, specifically conservative and liberal, have been ideologically polarized...

Men of Elder look to make some changes in 2017 (Photo edited by Joe Reiter)

Elder men make their new year resolutions

January 6, 2017

"New year, new me" is one of the many cliches heard around the holiday season. As people embark on yet...

John Boehner announces his resignation from Congress.

Boehner calls it quits

October 8, 2015

Politics has changed drastically over the past century. The United States had its first African American...

Mr. Yes We Can beside Mr. No We Can't

State of the Union 2014

February 4, 2014

Politics is a subject that most people like to avoid talking about. While this is understandable for...

Military benefit cuts coming

Military benefit cuts coming

January 14, 2014

Veterans groups have vowed to fight pending cuts in military pension and funding. Defense Secretary Chuck...

Smoke stacks are constantly releasing harmful substances to the Earth's atmosphere

Are we destroying our environment?

October 10, 2013

Whether it is ignorance or simply a refusal to accept the facts, the constant depletion of resources...

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