State of the Union 2014

Is Obama’s optimism a real sign of change to come?

Mr. Yes We Can beside Mr. No We Cant

Mr. Yes We Can beside Mr. No We Can’t

Politics is a subject that most people like to avoid talking about. While this is understandable for many reasons, the lack of efficacy that citizens have towards government is unacceptable and downright pathetic. The United States is supposedly the greatest democracy in the world; why does it seem like nothing is being done towards the downward spiral that is our nation’s economy?

In my opinion the problem stems from empty promises from leaders, promises that lead to either approval or hate from the people depending on what side of the political label line they fall. All the while, nothing gets accomplished.

The recent State of the Union address was to me the epitome of false promises. President Barack Obama is nothing less than magnificent when it comes to public speaking which makes it even harder to tell whether or not he will do what he says.

An example of this is in Obama’s promise towards economic inequality. Besides trying to raise the minimum wage, the President’s economic policies have not made any sort of impact when it comes to fighting the huge poverty epidemic in the United States. I agree that raising the minimum wage would help the economy, but there are so many other steps that could be taken towards this probably.

Obama also took time during his speech to commend a wounded soldier. I think this is downright disgusting because of the reasoning behind it. Not to say that the President is a heartless man and doesn’t care about this wounded soldier, but if he truly was concerned about his safety he would do more to make sure soldiers are returned home.

The divide between politicians and the people is becoming huge as it seems like nothing is getting done. Like I said, I don’t feel that this is either sides fault specifically, but rather both. If you like what Obama has to say, great, SPREAD THE WORD AND GET OTHERS INVOLVED.

If you don’t like what he has to say, find ways to help with the process of change. The problem in this country is that we have leaders who argue too much to get anything done, and citizens who feel as if they have no say. We do have a say, though, so say something.