Horrible bridge collapse in Italy

The city of Genoa looks to pick up the pieces after tragedy strikes.

Horrible bridge collapse in Italy

Tragedy happened in Italy just days ago. A bridge collapsed in the city of Genoa. An off duty firefighter by the name of Davide Capello had just driven out of a tunnel and onto the bridge.

He then heard a low, dull rumble all around his car. It was not thunder. A huge brill of smoke and clouds filled the air. A white sedan that was twenty to thirty yards away from Capello seemed to disappear into a void. He tried slamming on the brakes as the void advanced toward him and the road fell away.

A split second later, the car was plummeting down nose first. Capello feared for his own life, “I am dead!” “I am dead!” he cried.

The bridge that collapsed was named the Morandi Motorway Bridge. Over a 200 meter section of the bridge buckled under immense amounts of pressure that plunged vehicles, concrete and twisted metal to the ground.

this picture shows the Morandi Bridge after the collapse. Credit to LC Spartan

The total number of deaths is currently at 43. There is no word on how the bridge did collapse but, there will be an investigation on how this awful tragedy occurred. The actual bridge was part of the A-10 motorway the links the city of Genoa with the French border to the west and was managed by per L’Italia

Autostrade pledges to pay 500 million dollars to rebuild the bridge and assist the families who lost loved ones and people who lost homes during the crisis.

The Italian Government launched a program which would provoke concessions held by Autostrade to operate toll highways. A plan is supposedly coming out next month to increase the infrastructure for Italy to prevent this from occurring again.

Giancarlo Giorgetti, who is the undersecretary to the prime minister of Italy, said, “It will be a maintenance operation with no precedents, with enormous investment in public works, including not only motorways, bridges and viaducts but also public buildings such as schools.”

The cost of the plan was not specified, but Giorgetti said, “Deficit, GDP or European rules do not exist” and the EU “will be benevolent”.

Some immaculate stories have come out since the bridge collapse.

A salesman that was driving under the bridge when it collapsed. Luciano Goccia was driving a delivery van at the time this happened, “I was under the bridge when it happened.”

Between 10-20 people were missing under the rubble of the collapsed bridge. Dozens of vehicles dropped off of the bridge sending some to certain death, some collapsed 200 meters while others 45 meters onto railroad lines, a river and a warehouse.


picture shows a vehicle at the edge of the bridge. also shows steel cables dangling off the edge. Credit to Reuters News

The question that most are asking is how did they survive? The rescue of computer games salesman Gianluca Ardini was recorded in a video tweeted by fire service. Miraculously he suffered only an injured shoulder.

Hundreds of emergency workers and firefighters are still there and speak of not giving up hope, although they accept there is little chance anyone will be found alive.“We are still looking for cavities that can hide people, living or not,” Emanuele Gissi told AFP news.

Hundreds cannot return to their homes, particularly residents of council housing blocks that are at risk from the collapse of another tower of the bridge.

A thorough investigation will go on as to how the bridge collapsed. There is no word on the length of time or any other information.