The new and Improved Elder High School Toy Drive


As we are approaching the holiday season, parents are put under a certain load of stress that comes with the holiday cheer. This struggle comes with providing gifts for loved ones in this season of giving.

Elder High School had decided to take initiative and start to solve this problem. The new Service Leader, Tom Nugent has started to make some needed changes to the annual Toy Drive. To start off, instead of deciding the gifts for the recipients the guests will be able to “shop” for their toys and pick out items according to their needs.

This is a great improvement because it allows the visitors to choose from a wide selection of toys and pick out certain toys for their loved ones. This allows much more personalization and creates a much better experience to help the shoppers have an amazing holiday season.

This new toy drive will also provide a drop off area for children. These children will be able to stay in the gym and play around with volunteers and their parents shop for their Christmas gifts. This will help to enhance the surprise element for all of the good boys and girls on Christmas morning.

All of these changes are being made in order to fully enhance the Christmas season and allow everyone to experience the fully holiday feel no matter what their circumstances are. This is a great way for Elder to get out and help the community in order to help everyone have a good Christmas.

This event will be happening on December 17 and will kick off the final weeks leading up to the holiday itself. Volunteers will be needed and any help will be appreciated. Along with hands on help all of the students will be needed to take control of the event and provide the toys that will be donated to the less fortunate.