Best place to buy cheap jerseys

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You’re just rolling over in your bed from a long night of partying with your friends. You grab your phone from the charger and catch up on your essential social media. You start with Twitter, tap through all the annoying Snapchat stories from girls next, and then you go to Instagram.

As you scroll past all of the “#lovethisgirl’s and #annualweekendpic’s” you fall upon a kid you barely know but follow anyway wearing a retro jersey. You think to yourself, “Self, that jersey’s sick, but I bet it’s expensive.” Chances are you’re wrong. Chances are he purchased that Oscar Robertson Cincinnati Royals jersey for less than $30 off of

These are fake, but look and feel extremely authentic. All the way down to the tags. The only subtle problem with the jerseys is the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB logo will have a bigger head or stretched out just a little so the company can avoid copyright infringements. But it is nothing noticeable unless you really look close.

The prices for the jerseys range from $17.99-$22, with the exception of the NHLs which go from $35-$40. Once you check out though, the website piles on a few more expenses with shipping, insurance, and a small pay fee. One $20 jersey should cost $47, but if you order more than 10 jerseys at a time, the $20 shipping fee is dropped, bringing the price of each jersey after that to around $26-$30.

The site just doesn’t offer jerseys, though that is the majority of the products. They also sell hats, fake Jordan shoes, hoodies and t-shirts.

There are a two ways you can pay. The most obvious form of payment is through credit card. My friends and I didn’t feel comfortable with that method because even though the site is totally legitimate, sending one of our credit card numbers to  China did not sit well with us. So we chose the second option, Western Union. Western Union is a money transfer service found at a local Kroger or Post Office. You pay the money to the cashier along with a small fee from Western Union, and they wire transfer the money to a Western Union in China, and the people running the site go and pick it up. If you use Western Union, your order also receives an extra 10% off.

My friends and I ordered around 25 jerseys last summer with no problems and are currently working on another group purchase. They range from the classic Bulls Jordan jersey in the NBA to Kobe Bryant’s high school jersey from Lower Merion. Personally, I got myself a Utah Jazz John Stockton, I mean, I’m white, he’s white; I’m short, he’s short; I ball, he balls; it was only right. This time, I might get myself a 1992-1993 NBA All-Star game Jordan jersey along with a Chris Webber Cincinnati Royals.

The possibilities are literally almost endless, go get yourself a Bo Jackson Raiders jersey, or go get a Vikings Kyle Rudolph. If you want to save literally hundreds of dollars on unnoticeable fake jerseys, just head to