First purple impressions


Freshman Andrew Hester

We can all remember our first day as a freshman at Elder. The hustle and bustle of the hallways, going to the wrong class, and Mr. Kreimer shaking your hand.

What has always intrigued me every year as school starts up in late August is what the freshmen think of the teachers I’ve had in previous years. So I have set out to hunt down some freshmen from assorted classes and asked them about the first impressions of the teachers that also taught me.

My first freshman interviewee is former Saint Antoninous Jaguar, Andrew Hester. Hester is lucky enough to be in Sra. Wynn’s seventh Period Spanish class.

When asked about what he likes and dislikes about the class.

“I don’t like how she talks in Spanish all the time, and sometimes she moves too fast,”  said Hester.

However when she moves at the right speed, he says he really likes the way she teaches and feels he learns a lot. If you have Spanish with Sra. Wynne, ask her about me as a student, I’m sure she has a plethora of funny stories from the time I was a student in her class, freshman year.

The next freshman I interviewed was Paul O’Leary-Parker. Parker has the infamous Mr. Kreimer for Freshman Biology, which many of us can agree is a pretty tough class. I asked him what he likes about Mr. Kreimer, and he told me that he’s funny and is a good teacher. He also hinted that he suspects Mr. Kreimer may be guilty “breaking bad” with some suspicious activities. He has no dislikes about Mr. Kreimer.

I was not lucky enough to have “Coach K” as a teacher, but from what I hear it was a pretty tough class to pass. Of course, it’s only tough if you don’t study.

My last freshman interviewee was Jack Mazza. The former Visitation Viking has one of the most challenging classes I have ever personally taken, and one of my favorite teachers of all time: Mr. Alig and his English I class.

“How he tells you exactly what to do, (I like) how ordered he is, ” said Mazza. “And how neat his class room is. He’s very straightforward.”

He has no dislikes regarding Mr. Alig. To any freshman reading this article and who have Mr. Alig, I encourage you to study, and by all means listen to what Mr. Alig tells you to study. As Jack said, he’s very straightforward, and as long as you keep up with reading, and follow Mr. Alig’s study suggestions (especially for vocab tests) you should do well.

My advice to any freshman who doesn’t like a particular class is to at least give that class a fair chance. There are thousands of people in the Elder family, some are currently students and some that are alumni, who would do anything to relive their high school experience, starting with that first day of freshman year.