Whip game


Whip Game. How fast? How slick? How much?

All of these components add up to who’s got the most “Whip Game”.

As teenagers, we tend to base everything off appearance. Who’s got this and who’s got that. But many do not know what they actually “want” out of their whip/car? Do they want low miles and good gas mileage? Nah. Teens could not care less about those factors, all they care about is how cool/ fast their brand new convertible is.

I went around Elder’s campus to see for myself what was the most popular car around school.

Most high school students are very fascinated by cars and motor vehicles.

What is the most popular car at Elder?

The choices were Lamborghini, Ferrari, and the Bugatti. Astonishingly enough, my answer was the same. Lamborghini. Much of the results were very similar, many saying the sound of the Lambo’s engine won them over.

Lamborghini’s are known for their high powered engines and slick lines running across the hood and sides. Their tires, compared to racing tires are fast as ever accompanied with sharp, eye catching rims. The top speed for the Lamborghini is about 217 mph, and the price tags range from $350,000- $1,000,000. They come in many different types but the most popular are the Aventador, Veneno, and Hurucan.

The founder of Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini, actually owned a tractor company in Italy. He was on the waiting list to buy a Ferrari when they gave him all sorts of trouble and grief. Lamborghini thought it was in everybody’s best interest if he started his own sports car company, and how right he was. By 1963, Lamborghini’s were being produced and still to this day the company is  thriving more than ever.

When I asked sophomore Connor Craig what his pick would be, he told me a story of going to a car show with his dad in Texas, He said, “I clearly remember the Lambo’s”.

I then went on to ask Sophomore Jake Meridieth what his thoughts were and he told me, “I would definitely have to say Lamborghini’s,” and went on to explain that his brother, an Elder grad, owns a Ferrari. But Meridieth was still firm in his answer. Lambo it was.

Finally, I asked junior Brian Smedley for his take on this and once again, Lamborghini was the favorite.

There is much debate over the fastest street, some say the Bugatti while others say Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, etc.

One thing is for sure around Elder and that is that the Lamborghini is the most liked car. Although Lamborghini’s may put quite the dent your wallet, we can all agree it is something worth dreaming about.