Smash it Up

Smash it Up

Elder Super Smash Club?

Yes you read it right, there isn’t any Super Smash Bros club yet, but there are rumors of a possible Super Smash Bros club coming to Elder soon.

If you have never heard of the game (which is kind of ridiculous if you haven’t), it is a game that came out first in 1999 exclusively on the Nintendo 64. In this game, the players get together with some of their friends and pick their favorite characters from different Nintendo games. The whole point of the game is to push, punch, kick, or throw the opposing players off of the edge and to be the last player standing. This game allows for all players, even the losers, to have a great time.

Soon enough, Nintendo came out with the Game Cube and the makers of Super Smash Bros had such major success, that they decided to create a new game for the newer system. Super Smash Bros Melee was born. Many people believe that Melee is the best Super Smash Bros to ever come out, but I would disagree and still think that the original N64 version is the best.

However, after Melee, Nintendo continued the production of new versions of the game. The made the new version to take advantage of the features of their newest console.

In 2008, Super Smash Bros Brawl was released all over the world.

Now the newest edition of the game is going to be coming out in early October for the 3DS system.

The game on the Wii U will be released sometime in November.

The new club is believed to be the idea of senior Tommy Becker. I know Tommy and I know that he is a huge fan of Super Smash Bros. I think this club would be a hit with a lot of the students here at Elder. However, there are a couple of questions that need to be cleared up before the club can formally begin.

I caught up with Tommy before one of my classes and decided to ask him a couple of questions. Tommy was reluctant to talk about the subject because plans aren’t finalized yet. However, he did say that if it does happen, it will be a very fun club.

“For us to pick which console that we play on, we will have weekly votes,” said Becker. I think that this method will be very effective and interesting for all of the people who decide to join the club.

The last problem is just finding a faculty member to be an adviser of the club. Mr. Becker told me that he didn’t want to say anything about the club advisor because he didn’t want to assume that the teacher, who he has already asked, will automatically say yes to this amazing opportunity.

I hope many students are as excited for this possible club as I am.

Junior Brandon Meyer was in the Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament at Elderfest last year.

“Yeah, I’d for sure join [the club],” said Meyer. “Super Smash Brothers was the game that I grew up on. It’s honestly just a classic. It’s one of those games you can play if you’re four or if you’re 40.”

This shows the bond between all the players of the game and illustrates the deeper feelings they have for this great game. I personally asked Tommy to be in a position of power in the club because I love to play the game that much.

I’m still waiting to see if that will happen, and if it doesn’t, then I’ll just stick to being a member It’s good to see that the smash tradition will hopefully get some recognition once this club hits the ground running. The club is likely to see many members join right off of the bat. I hope that the club this year is the start of a long run for the great game.