Freshmen: Too many Dr. Phils

Ever year the freshman class seems to forget their priorities at home football games. Instead of filling the top of the cheering section, the freshman feel that talking to girls in the end zone is more important.

For those of you who don’t know, The Dr. Phil Award is awarded in good fun to a student who puts the ladies in front of his Elder brothers. Dr. Phil seems like the guy how would be more interested in sharing his emotions with the opposite sex, then spending some quality time with his bros, making it a fitting name for the award. Leaving a football game early, going to your girlfriend’s volleyball game over an Elder event, or skipping a party to hang with your Bae, can all land you a nomination for The Dr. Phil.

I noticed a lack of freshman participation at the St. Edward’s game two weeks ago. With the Panthers facing the former number one team in the country, one would expect the cheering section to be spilling out into the aisles. However, the section looked a little thin toward the top.

Maybe we need a little refresher on the rules of the cheering section. When the teams retreat to the locker rooms, it is acceptable to go down to the end zone and grab yourself a Powerade, maybe a slice of pizza, or even a dollar dog. While the teams are off the field, it is all right to socialize with friends in the end zone. However, when the fifteen minute half time is over, you better be making your way back to the cheering section.

The job of getting those few freshman who think they are too cool for the cheering section lies in the hands of the seniors. A select group of seniors have made it their personal job to make sure every last freshman finds their way back to the section by the start of the second half.

One senior in particular, Sam Hauer, is fed up with the freshman’s lack of participation in the cheering section.

“It really grinds my gears when freshman hide in the corner talking to girls.”

Hauer, like most upper classmen feels that if a student can’t wait two hours to talk to their girls, maybe they aren’t real Panthers. There are ten games in a season, the girls can wait till after the season. And  if you can’t wait that long, at least wait till after the game.

To the freshman who feel the seniors are being a little too harsh forcing them to leave their girls behind, you’re wrong. It has always been the job of the seniors to make sure the cheering section is packed to the brim.

“I was once one of those freshman who thought I could spend the game in the end zone,” said senior Aaron Held. “I once had a senior literally toss me on his shoulder, and carry me bqck to the cheering section.”

This is a familiar feeling for some freshman. They are so intent on staying with their lady, that it is the only option.

“I’m not going to lie, I was pretty mad when it first happened, but looking back, I can’t blame him,” said Held.

With the game against one of our biggest rivals this Friday, a senior should not have to force a freshman into the cheering section. The Panthers need to show those pastel wearing bombers a cheering section they will never forget. All classes, freshman thru senior, need to be the rowdiest we have ever been. Screaming our heads off all game, letting our team know we are behind them.