Glee Club battles band in Turkey Bowl

Members of the Glee Club and Band from the 2008 Turkey Bowl

Members of the Glee Club and Band from the 2008 Turkey Bowl

Besides munching down on turkey and being thankful on Thanksgiving, families and friends everywhere participate in friendly Turkey Bowls.  One game, however, is based on pure rivalry and is often among the best and most unforgiving Turkey Bowls: the Annual Glee Club versus Band Turkey Bowl.

Even though the game is played by Elder’s two biggest powerhouses, the game is not as rough as everyone believes.  The game has been played every year after Thanksgiving.  In fact, Mr. Allen does not even know how long the game has been played because it has such a long history.  Mr. Allen believes it has been around Elder at least as long as he has.

This year’s game comes after a controversial finish in last year’s Turkey Bowl.  If asked, a band member will most likely say the Band won fair and square.  If a member of the Glee Club is asked, he will accurately say the Band quit and Glee Club wins by default.  Whoever is right, it does not matter because a new game is about to be underway.

The 2014 Turkey Bowl will be played on December 1st at the prestigious Delhi Park.  It should be a great game as both teams look to bring redemption for last year’s debacle.  Both teams are sporting quality squads.

The Glee Club is known for the Varsity football players that come to the Turkey Bowl.  This year, look out for studs Mark Meier, Richard Witte, Sam Florian, and Joe Weiner.  Junior Varsity starting quarterback Mark Klusman is also expected to make an appearance.  Non-football players include Andrew Fieler, Mike Rogers, John Capanarri, and Robert “RLTPIV” Pepper.  The great amount of talent makes the Glee Club the heavy favorite.

The Band is no pushover this year, however.  They have been holding practices after school in preparation for the game.  The Band loses some big fire power from the graduation of Jacob May, Nathan Schrieber, and AJ Harvey.  Big returning players include John Igel and Band President Spencer Niehaus.  Look out for the band to make some trick plays and try for the upset.

Come to Delhi Park on December 1 to witness history.  You won’t be disappointed.