The gift that keeps on giving

Students and faculty continue to give themselves to others during the fall Blood Drive


Blood, needles and injections; strange things to see on an ordinary day, but not on Halloween at Elder High School. On October 27, various Elder students made their way to the Wrestling/Volleyball Gym to participate in the biannual Elder Blood Drive with the help of the people at Hoxworth Blood Center.

Elder High School has three blood drives throughout the year. One in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the spring.

Student participation in the Blood Drive has been consistent and successful. 44 total people donated over 39 lifesaving units of blood for those in need.

“The blood drive is always successful- some blood drives may obtain more donations than other years, but always successful,” said Elder’s nurse, Mrs. Linda Giessler.

The students aren’t the only people who get in on the action, the entire Elder community is welcome to participate in the Blood Drive, including the faculty and staff. Workers and volunteers from Hoxworth Blood Center flood the Gym as well as student and parent volunteers from Elder High School, including students Mitch Moorhead, Andrew Finn, Luke Jett, Evan Kandra, and Spencer Kandra.

“Mr. Otten has donated blood for several years himself, so we truly have the support of administration in this event,” said Mrs. Giessler.

Habits and rituals that students may obtain while at Elder High School are frequently used throughout their life after graduation. Donating blood is one of those habits.

You may never know if you or a family member will need a unit of blood. A unit of blood can impact that life so very much!

— Mrs. Linda Geissler (School Nurse)

“Even if a student is turned down for blood donation during the blood drive at Elder, due to recent illness or taking medication etc. that person gets in the habit of making the effort to donate blood sometime in the future,” said Mrs. Giessler.

It is universally known that giving blood is a great way to benefit other people, but what many people do not know is that it is also a great way to keep yourself healthy also. Due to bloods high viscosity, it can sometimes flow at an extremely slow rate. Donating blood frequently will cause new, thinner blood to form in their body causing better blood flow. Some studies show that blood donors are 88% less likely to suffer a heart attack.

Anyone who currently goes to Elder knows that there is an abundance of students who are hesitant to donate out of ignorance or fear of the actual process, but the rewards of the outcome are much greater than the fear someone may have behind it.

“For anyone ‘on the fence’ with donating blood, I say to them – You may never know if you or a family member will need a unit of blood.  A unit of blood can impact that life so very much! I cannot share names but I can tell you how lives have been impacted by the donation of blood for those persons,” Said Mrs. Giessler.

One of the greatest things anyone can do for someone else is to give themselves for the benefit of another person, and giving blood is exactly that. You have the power to save someone’s life, and all you have to do is sit in a chair for a few minutes.